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  • Enemy Type: Goblin
  • Family: Goblinoid
  • Behavior: Goblins live together with Orcs and Ogres, and are enemies of Kobolds and Trolls.
  • Distribution: northwest Ancaria
  • Population: high
  • Size: small
  • Power: normal
  • Attitude: evil
  • Quote: Schniepel!
Goblin Heraldry

The Goblionid family, which includes Ogres and Orcs, has a wild and very old culture. They live in family and clan structures, and they think very highly of themselves. The art of taunting and threatening is one they acquire very quickly during childhood, and improve on for the rest of their lives.

Goblins are very territorial and defend their territory with everything they can throw at their enemies. At this point in time they are planning to expand their territory with an invasion into the Human territory. Goblins infest the entirety of the Nor Plat region, and also encroach into the Northwestern parts of Artamark. They might be lacking tricks and intellect, but they make up for it with sheer numbers. When an Orc encounters a small band of Goblins, it will immediately take over the group, but you will never see a Goblin leading a group of Orcs.

Considering their small stature and behavior that looks like they're torn between panic and courage, you might think there's not much to worry about. Never ever underestimate these little beasts! Some travelers compare them to weeds… indeed they do seem to spread from every corner exactly like weeds. Thanks to their shamans, you shouldn't be surprised to kill a Goblin in the morning then meet it again that same evening either.

Goblin Officer

The Goblin officer leads the warriors and hunters, and he usually commands a handful of them. He will not hesitate to use unsavory or unethical attacks, and is able to incite his little comrades to incredible performances. Every other day someone gets an unpleasant surprise, after thinking that their short legs give them a tremendous disadvantage in running speed.

Goblin Shaman

The Goblin shaman is very eye catching, his armor alone makes him stand out from the crowd. Where the others wear armor, the shaman carries a collection of skulls and other frills around to impress his opponents as well as his colleagues. Shamans are worshiped, but also feared by Goblins for their magical abilities in healing and summoning.

In combat shamans usually keep themselves well out of fighting range of the enemy, while trying to keep their comrades alive as well as summoning new fighters into the action. They summon Goblins out of thin air. No one knows where they come from, but the fact that no one has ever seen Goblin women or children lead several scholars to the conclusion that Goblins reproduce this way.

Quote: Chop off it's head. I need a new ash-tray!

Goblin Warrior

Goblin warriors are what makes the life of adventurers adventurous. Small, full of themselves (as long as nothing gets too dangerous), and with a very loose tongue as one of their major features, it is almost impossible to pass by these little manikin without taking the chance to spank them.

They usually come in groups and guard an officer or a shaman. Without the presence of these higher ranking Goblins they are tactically challenged.

Quote: Man, you are mean!

Goblin Hunter

Goblin hunters are rare, but they play a very important role in Goblin society. They scout large areas of the clan territory to search for enemies. Sometimes warriors escort them on their journey, but mostly they travel alone to avoid attracting attention. They carry hide armor made out of different kinds of animal furs, which protects them from the icy temperatures of the north.

These Goblins have been the death of several heroes in the past, because they have great skill with missile weaponry. They do also fight bravely in melee combat, and are easy prey for a well trained warrior as long as they don't have an escort with them.

Quote: I bet you won't hit me!

Goblin Rider

Boar riders are brave and never flee. The reason is simple: Boars don't know fear and the boar decides if it is time to run or not. Boars are not bred. The boar riders are so bold that they just mount the boar and try anything they can think of to get it moving in the general direction of where they want to go.

Quote: We run down everything and everyone!

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