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In Shadowy Catacombs you can find the below services. See Map Icons:

The Shadowy Catacombs is a dark hidden underground place in South-Western Tyr Lysia; it's unknown for most of Tyr Lysia inhabitants who don't even know about the cemetary next to it.

This is also the place where the Shadow Warrior starts its Main Campaign storyline.

Locate Shadowy Catacombs on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's


There is a monolith in the Brigand Camp just Northeast from the Shadowy Catacombs, which is the quickest and easiest way to get there.

If the monolith can't be used, the next closest reference is Sloeford. The Shadowy Catacombs are Southwest from Sloeford, and can be reaced either by following the West or South roads. The easiest way though, is walking West to the Brigand Camp, and from then walk North to the Celioth's Tower.

The Shadow Warrior starts the game here in single player mode.


Only one enemy may be found inside the catacombs: Tybor. He is the apprentice of the Necromancer Syliar, and must be killed in order to start the main campaign (Shadow Warrior and SP only).

Outside the catacombs there is a cemetary, where some Brigands can be found.

Grave Inscriptions

Here lie the men, women and other dead things of the western High Elf Region:

  • Ace - what a guy!
  • And to think I got out of bed for this.
  • Come on in, there's cake in here!
  • Dead? But I've only been gone for 2 minutes!
  • De nihilo nihil.
  • Don't you have anything better to do?
  • Funny, they always said "you'll be cold in your grave" but I find this rather cozy.
  • He adored his tiger... too much...
  • He was old and didn't need the money anymore.Hey! Get lost or you'll join me in here!
  • He who dried a tear is a happy man.
  • Here lies Alan . His Wild ways caught up with him in the end.
  • Here lies Andy's yellow dress. We think he still wears it on Sundays.
  • Here rests A. Flynn - he should have listened to his Mother.
  • Hey, buy your own flowers! Cheapstake!
- Reference to "cheapskate" play on words, as well as vampires being killed only by stakes
  • HEY, get outta here... Not all over my.. Darn wolves!
  • Hey, I'm afraid of the dark!
  • Hey, I'm important! Just ask me, I'll tell you. -- Ogad Nuois.
  • Here rests the greatest lover of all. Now let me finally get some sleep!
  • Here lies the last player to go on the forum and create a new thread asking how to find the waterbottle.
- In original Sacred, the Sacred International Forum was spammed by members constantly asking "where is the water bottle!' because of a bug
  • I guess that "friend or foe" question WAS a little naive.
  • If only she hadn't lost her head...
  • If you're reading this after I die, then my theory about the world only existing in my thoughts was wrong.
  • I'm moving, but I don't disappear.
  • Immortality is not everyone's cup of tea.
  • It is better to die standing up than to live kneeling down.
  • It's not a typo, this is my toonstone.
  • I've always been the wrong man at the wrong place at the wrong time - now I'm here.
  • Kayron Jarvis
- Kayton Jarvis is the main character in Dark Star One, a space action game from Ascaron
  • Ladies first...
  • Live and let die!
  • Lucretius the innkeeper is now serving one last meal - dinner for the worms!
  • Mass grave fo all the creature protoypes that didn't make it into the game.
  • Maybe you'll get a secret reward for reading every grave... And maybe NOT!
  • MEDIC!
  • Note to self: Don't make crude jokes about Seraphim's special mounts...
  • Oh look, another adventurer wants to be first to read all the tombstones.
  • Out to lunch, please leave a message.
  • Please don't eat the daisies... I'm busy pushing them up!
  • Reserved for critics.
  • She was the perfect victim.
  • So this is how death feels.
  • Somebody has spent a lot of time preparing this plush pad for a certain Miss Hacker.
- Carolyn Hacker was the Community Manager for Sacred 2 on the Sacred International Forum
  • Stop reading tombstones and get a life! Take mine, I'm not using it anymore.
  • Take ten paces, turn and shoot... What a bad time to lose count!
  • The cake is a lie!
- In the game Portal the player keeps going on because of the promise of cake, wich ends up non-existent.
  • The Lokaliz0r - Sudden death by "Just quickly (TM)"
  • The guy who fell onto an upholstery machine was fully recovered.
  • There's life in the old dog yet... Unlike the owners.
  • This Dryad expired of boredom due to waiting for her player to get on with it.
  • This grave is for all the NPC's that didn't make the final cut.
  • This grave is reserved for all the enemies you're about to kill.
  • Uncle Emma is alive!
  • Wanderers, I greet you with "See you soon" because you'll surely return to this place.
  • Yeah, laugh it up, your time will come.
  • Your name here! 0800-KILLER!

Interesting Photos

Altar inside the catacombs


T-Energy console


Big room view




Crypt view


Cemetary and crypt



  • This is the starting place for the Shadow Warrior in single player mode