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In Benny's Corn Circles you can find the below services. See Map Icons:




The Benny's Corn Circles is a wheat farm located at the feet of the Tyr Lysia northern mountains. It is a strange place, due to the round circles drawn in the wheat fields. Many stories have been told about these circles: sorcery, aliens or even a bad taste joke. As yet, the mystery is stil unsolved, but perhaps an Ancarian hero will uncover it!

There is a small cemetery near in Northeast direction. In the closest hill to the North there is a small house, and a burning fireplace suggests someone has been here quite recently.

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Quests & NPC's

Epic Office Quest

Side Quests


There are two Monoliths near Benny's Corn Circles.

The first portal is High Elf Outpost 3 which is south of Benny's Corn Circles. The player can get to this portal by following the path to the south.

The second portal is High Elf Outpost 5 which is northeast of Benny's Corn Circles. The player can get to that portal by following the path to the northeast. Each portal is a similar distance from Benny's Corn Circles.

If the neither of the monoliths is active, the closest portal is the Clearview one. From there the player will have to cross the woods walking West/Northwest in a long journey to arrive at Benny's Corn Circles.


Kobolds, Kobold Warriors and Kobold Shamans can be found abundantly near the place. Also few Wild Boars or Ghosts can be found though.

Interesting Photos

Main View
The farm
Fruit trees in the back
A small camp in the hill

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