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Bettina Wegner is one of the Ascaron employees that have to be contacted in the Epic Office Quest.


  • Bettina Wegner may be found in two separate locations during the Epic Office Quest. First she may be discovered in Thylysium, next to the Temple of the Gods in the northeast corner of the city. Later, after one has contacted all of the employees she may be found in the Ascaron Office in the swamps above Libi's Pratfall, after you are directed to her by Holger Flöttmann.



  • Bettina Wegner is one of the Ascaron employees that are scattered throughout Ancaria.
  • The first eggs from the Easter Eggs. If you don't find the Easter Bunny, it is also possible to start this quest by picking up those eggs.
  • At the end of the Epic Office Quest, Bettina Wegner must once again be contacted and may be found on the second floor of the office just after contacting Holger Flöttmann in the Epic Office Quest. She may be found on the floor just below Holger Flöttmann in the Ascaron office located in The Swamp near Libi's Pratfall. She will tell you how impressed she is that you found all of the employees and then she will tell you to go to the lounge. This is where you will receive the reward for your tireless efforts.