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In Thylysium you can find the below services. See Map Icons:














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The visual style and atmosphere of the Elven capital resembles that of the ancient imperial capital cities like Rome. The most humble of buildings are made out of fine materials, and the most important buildings are made from the rarest materials in all of Ancaria. The dark and mystical decorations of the temples are eye-catching, and the countless lines of T-Energy in the alleys, that flow through the town like veins in a leaf, are also striking. Visitors will see artistic creations lining the streets and plazas. With the exception of the battle arena and the area where the nobility resides, the town is primarily defined by three central places: City Hall, the Great Temple and the harbor.

City Hall and the Temple represent the two major powers in Elven society, the nobility and the clerics. They have been fighting each other for centuries, trying to gain leverage in the ongoing struggle for power. Corruption and crime are commonplace. Outside of the power struggle, the large harbor acts as the worldly and logistical center of the city. But where there is light, there's also shadow... Away from the city center of the nobles and clerics, Human slaves live in a separate quarter. In a striking contrast to the opulence of the rest of the city, the Human quarter is dirty and composed of ramshackle buildings made of the meanest materials.

Thylysium is the biggest and greatest city of Ancaria. It is a symbol for the power and dominance of the High Elves, but a closer look also reveals a very good picture of the real state of the realm.

Read more about the customs and politics of Thylysium in The Elven Capital of Tyr Lysia: Thylysium.

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There is a Portal in town along with a Monolith in same location. You can also reach Thylysium via a boat. In multiplayer this city can be reached by using the portal at starting isle and then taking a short walk south.


There are no enemies in town unless you are completing one of the many quests located here. Outside of Thylysium you will encounter Brigands, Thieves, Rats, Boars, Brown Bears, Undead Legionnaires and Small Toxic Elementals.


As the center of High Elf culture and civilization, Thylysium flies the flags of many factions. The blue High Elf Flag of Tyr Lysia flies near soldier encampments, while the flag of the Inquisition flies in tense opposition to the flag of the Senate.

Flag of Tyr Lysia
Flag heraldry 001.jpg
Flag of the Inquisition
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Flag of the Senate
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Interesting Photos

Great Temple
Statue on a hill
Military Camp
Market Square

Main Entrance
The Academy
Human Quarter
Thylysium Harbor
Temple gardens

City Hall
Inside City Hall
Coliseum and Portal
Temple of the Gods
Thylysium Garden Island

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Concept for Ship


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