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icon13.gif NOTE: The contents of this page are exclusive content found only by installing the player-made mega-mod Diablo 2 Fallen.

Damage Done:

Weak against:

The Hitpoints, Chance to hit, Damage and Armor noted above of the Blood Dragon are dependent on the level of the Blood Dragon. Stats will scale based on the Blood Dragon's level. Use the above stats as a guideline.


Battle Notes

  • Like most Dragons, the Blood Dragon is weak to ice damage. For a Barbarian, the axe Dragonslayer would be a premium weapon of choice.
  • The Blood Dragon's melee attacks inflict life leech damage and have a bonus chance to cause bleeding (open wounds).

Special Abilities:

  • Magic Fireball - launches a gigantic, target-seeking purple fireball. It does magic and physical damage and slows your attack speed for a few seconds.
  • Blood Storm - this is a misty blood-red cloud (the same as used by the Abishai). It follows you around, dealing physical damage and Life leeched per hit. Duration 12 seconds.
  • Bleeding Hard Hit - a melee hard hit attack that has boosted attack rating and damage, plus an extra 50% Chance to inflict Open Wounds.
  • Knockback Hit - a spell that deals fire and physical damage and pushes the player back a good distance. This attack may be bugged and non-functioning.

See Also:

  • Archdemon - The Blood Dragon's design is based on the final dragon boss from the game Dragon Age Origins.

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