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Play chess with giant pieces such as an orc and a boar. The quest for this Easter Egg allows pieces to come to life and manifest ghosts. It is called Nouveau Varguz and is given by the orc chief Gintonic Icelump in Tharak, where it will take you to a cave just west of that town.

It has been reported as being bugged in multiplayer on some versions of Ice and Blood, but can be completed with the use of the last Community Patch.


This quest has two variations. Both the Single Player and Multiplayer variations start out the same. The single player version, features a number of chess pieces on the board. Many of which have an exclamation point overhead. If you look at the tab-map, you will see that only ONE character on the board also has a circle around the exclamation point. When you talk to the rook with the circled ! overhead, it will move several spaces toward the other side of the screen, the locked door will open and you can now enter the treasure chamber and retrieve the prize - the previous chief's copy of a book entitled "My 59 Memorable Games". Bobby Fischer, one of the best chess players of the 20th century, had a book titled "My 60 Memorable Games".

Single Player:

The chessboard layout for this quest is also based on the winning move of one of those games against Pal Benko.

If you visit, you can replay this game here and you can see the next to last move - the final one being the white rook on the bottom row, right hand side - exactly the move the rook takes when you talk to it.

Compare it with the single player above and you'll see that the pieces line up exactly.

With the game in progress on the single player chessboard being one of the games listed in the book it would be logical to assume that there are only 59 games left to be memorable.

Bobby Fischer died in January 2008, probably around the time quests were coded.

The multiplayer variation is entirely different. It starts out the same - but when you enter the cave, there are only 3 pieces on the chessboard. One male Orc, one female orc and one wild boar. When you talk to each piece on the board, each will spawn 3 Orc ghosts for you and your party to kill. In order to complete the quest (as of Sacred 2 version 2.43.0 build 1671), you must talk to all three pieces, killing the Orc ghosts is optional, but hey.. as long as you're there... The door that opens in the single player version doesn't open. This may have lead to some confusion. In fact, the book (My 59 Memorable Games) doesn't exist in the locked room in the multiplayer variation.

Special Notes

This quest has been linked to another Easter Egg ... Harry Potter

If anyone has Ice and Blood and has followed the steps outlined above and has any further information as to the status of this quest in either single or multiplayer, please update this entry.

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