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Damage and Armor Types

There are five elements in Sacred 2 which involve damage. Each damage type has a corresponding Armor value that resists it. Each of the five damage types also has a chance to cause a corresponding Secondary Damage Effect. The five elemental damage types are:

Damage is calculated separately for each damage type. It is important to understand armor resistances and how they are applied to damage. Each weapon or spell that inflicts injury delivers some combination of these five damage types; perhaps all physical, perhaps half fire and half magic. In the discussion below, any reference to damage applies to any or all of the types separately. For example, physical damage and poison damage are each calculated using their respective damage and resistance values, then once computed, the two types are added to arrive at the final figure which is subtracted from the target's health.

Damage Converters

All elemental damage types have their own elemental damage converter which may be socketed into a weapon to increase its elemental damage. These damage converters will also increase the chance to inflict each element's own corresponding Secondary Damage Effect which are a type of Detrimental magic effects:

Chunk of Lava.png Chunk of Lava (Fire)
Converts a percentage of physical damage into fire damage. Chance for Burn
Poison Fang.png Poison Fang (poison)
Converts a percentage of physical damage into poison damage. Chance for Poison
Magic Pearl.png Magic Pearl (Magic)
Converts a percentage of physical damage into magic damage. Chance for Weaken
Ice Crystal.png Ice Crystal (Ice)
Converts a percentage of physical damage into ice damage. Chance for Freeze

Weapons can be socketed with damage converters that will change a part of the damage type that is already native to the weapon. Most weapons start with Physical as a damage type. The above damage converters will convert a percentage of the original weapon damage (usually from Physical) & all of the other elemental damage on the weapon into the new, chosen element. For example, if a player wanted to enhance Fire damage, he would socket one "Chunk of Lava" into their chosen weapon and that would give them ~30-50% of the previous damage now as Fire damage instead of Physical. The more elemental damage a player can produce, the better the chance of applying the relevant Secondary Damage Effect as well as being able to target an opponent's weakest resistances. While weapons with more than one additional elemental damage type are rare, the player can find guns with physical, magic, fire and poison damage native to the gun (though they are very rare).

All opponents may and usually do have weaknesses against specific damage types. Having the correct damage type versus an enemy's weakest resistance towards that damage type can result in a significant increase in damage as well as increasing the chance to inflict its correlating Secondary Damage Effect.

Elemental Damage Type Effects on Weapons

Damage type elements, when socketed, change the appearance of the weapon and will imbue it with glows depending on the type of element socketed as well as extra animated effects. A weapon with no element socketed within it will have no extra color or animation unless it is a unique or legendary. It is possible to tell what kind of damage type a weapon has by checking its color and animation. Damage types on weapons can be a mix of many of the damage types (elements). The highest element damage type on the weapon is what will "win" and give the weapon its color and animation.





  • Physical - No extra special colors or animated effects upon the weapon.
  • Secondary Damage Effects (Detrimental magic effects) - Can potentially inflict Open Wounds (Damage-over-Time) if the correct modifiers, weapon or skill lore unlocks are chosen. Socketing elements into a weapon will actually lower the physical Damage-over-Time of Open Wounds, as the weapon will then have a percentage of its physical damage converted into another element.


In addition to the visual effects on the weapons, projectiles fired from weapons also have different effects based on the primary elemental damage type of the weapon.

Magic Staff projectiles (Granted by taking the Magic Staffs skill, Ice and Blood only):


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