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Quick Walkthrough

Detailed Walkthrough

Talk the Jahrin the Dispossessed to learn of his unfortunate circumstances, then head north through the edge of the army camp to where Jana the thief is standing.


Find Jane, the thief.

Not long ago I was a wealthy and distinguished man within this community, then this nouveau riche fellow named Goldman turned up. He put up a grand performance and convinced the Inquisitor that I was using my wealth to support and liberate faith in this country. The Inquisitor expropriated my possessions and exiled me from the city.

Since then I have been living in this old port. No more wealth for me, and I want Goldman to suffer for. He is well-guarded but I know a thief, she might be able to help you.


Talk to Jana to complete this quest.


Oh, Jahrin sent you? I heard did about his misfortune. I don't believe that he schemed against anyone, but even if I did I'd still help him. I have known him for a very long time. He was in love with me when we were still living with our parents, but wealth has never been for me. I've always been attracted by danger. That's how I ended up with the thieves. I know just the man who can help you - Aaron, the King of Thieves. He is my estranged husband, but I wouldn't mention that to him if I were you. I believe he’s still angry with me for leaving him.

If there’s anything else you need to do just go ahead, then speak to me again when you are ready.


You can now talk to Jana again to begin the quest The Thieves of the Elven Capital

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