Sacred 2:Hidden Trophies (PS3)

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  • These are the hidden trophies for Sacred 2:Fallen Angel for the PS3. A hidden trophy has it's name and description hidden (??? on the trophy list) to the user to either conceal spoilers or to just make it more difficult to obtain the trophy.


dragonslayer-1.pngDragonslayer - Any Hero has slain five Dragons

slaughterer-1.pngSlaughterer - Any Hero has slain 10,000 opponents

beammeup-1.pngBeam me up! - Any Hero has used a teleporter for the first time

loneranger-1.pngLone Ranger - Any Hero rode 200 miles on his special mount

combologist-1.pngCombologist - Any Hero has executed his first combination

medicineman-1.pngMedicine Man - Any Hero has consumed 1,000 healing potions

respected-1.pngRespected - Any Hero reaches level 5


toughness-1.pngToughness - Any Hero reaches difficulty level Gold

butcher-1.pngButcher - Any Hero has slain 1337 elite monsters

easyrider-1.pngEasy Rider - Any Hero rides his special mount for the first time


heroictoughness-1.pngHeroic Toughness - Any Hero reaches difficulty level Platinum

legendarytoughness-1.pngLegendary Toughness - Any Hero reaches difficulty level Niob