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icon13.gif NOTE: The contents of this page are exclusive content found only by installing the player-made mega-mod Diablo 2 Fallen.

Dark Elves

Dark Elf

Sacred 2:Dark Elf

Dark Elf Hunter

Sacred 2:Dark Elf Hunter

Dark Elf Rogue

Sacred 2:Dark Elf Rogue

Dragon Cult

Dragon Cultist

Sacred 2:Dragon Cultist (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Dragon Cult Leader

Sacred 2:Dragon Cult Leader (Diablo 2 Fallen)


Backstabbing Thief

Sacred 2:Backstabbing Thief (Diablo 2 Fallen)


Sacred 2:Brigand (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Dastardly Bandit

Sacred 2:Dastardly Bandit (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Devious Thief

Sacred 2:Devious Thief (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Female Mage

Sacred 2:Female Mage (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Malicious Brigand

Sacred 2:Malicious Brigand (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Malicious Thief

Sacred 2:Malicious Thief (Diablo 2 Fallen)


Sacred 2:Thief (Diablo 2 Fallen)


Bluestone Pirates Archer

Sacred 2:Bluestone Pirates Archer

Bluestone Pirates Captain

Sacred 2:Bluestone Pirates Captain

Bluestone Pirates Sailor

Sacred 2:Bluestone Pirates Sailor

Jade Buccaneers Archer

Sacred 2:Jade Buccaneers Archer

Jade Buccaneers Captain

Sacred 2:Jade Buccaneers Captain

Jade Buccaneers Sailor

Sacred 2:Jade Buccaneers Sailor



Sacred 2:Cantor


Sacred 2:Heirophant

High Elf Archer

Sacred 2:High Elf Archer

High Elf Officer

Sacred 2:High Elf Officer

High Elf Paladin

Sacred 2:High Elf Paladin

High Elf Soldier

Sacred 2:High Elf Soldier

Inquisition Guard

Sacred 2:Inquisition Guard (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Inquisition Guard Officer

Sacred 2:Inquisition Guard Officer (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Liosilath's Paladin

Sacred 2:Liosilath's Paladin

Nimonuil's Guard

Sacred 2:Nimonuil's Guard (Diablo 2 Fallen)

Zakarum Fanatic

Sacred 2:Zakarum Fanatic

Zakarum Zealot

Sacred 2:Zakarum Zealot


High Elf Bosses:

High Elf Super-Uniques:

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