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Drogo is a novice hunter, who wants to get a wonderful trophy all his friends would envy... but he doesn't know how to do it. He is dreaming about having magnificent stag antlers above his fireplace, but he has no experience in deer hunt. He feels so lucky when he meets a Dryad while going to hunt a deer together with his friend Tim Nightowl. After all the Dryads are inborn hunters, who know everything about the hunt. But is he really as lucky as he thinks? Though Dryads are supreme hunters, they also know how to live in accordance with Nature and how to value animals' lives.



A Hireling

While completing both Light and Shadow versions of In accordance with nature quest, you'd have to lead Hunter Drogo and his friend Tim Nightowl to the deer's location. Since he is armed, he would fight together with you as a hireling. Here is his description as a hireling:

  • He is a close combat fighter, armed with a dagger or a short sword.
  • There are quite a few enemies along the short way you'd go together with Hunter Drogo, so he is pretty safe anyway.

An Enemy

  • You'd have to fight Hunter Drogo in both Light and Shadow versions of In accordance with nature quest, but you'd have to kill him only in the Shadow one. That is an enemy he would become

Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Quest:In Accordance with Nature - Shadow

Quest Location: Happy Cow Farm in Tyr Lysia


  • He won't appear unless you play as a Dryad in Single Player mode.
  • If you're playing the Light Dryad, Drogo runs away soon after you talk to Tim Nightowl, so you won't be able to see these two again.