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You can meet her only if your character is a Seraphim. She is an Inquisition Guard who acts in the Sloeford area. Most probably she is connected to an Inquisition branch that resides in the Inquisition Temple near Sloeford. Her plotting against the Seraphim of the Monastery of Light resulted in a death of the winged warrior. As the dead Seraphim's successor, your character has to confront this Inquisition Guard.



An Enemy

  • After you talk to her, you'd have to fight Inquisition Guard - Monastery of Light. That is an enemy she would become.

Damage Types:

Weakest Against:
Has no resistance at all
Weak to all damage types

Quest:End of a Journey - A New Journey Begins

Quest Location: Monastery of Light in Tyr Lysia


  • You can meet her only if your character is a Seraphim and only in the beginning of the single player campaign.