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Mayor Wilkes definitely has some authority it the village of Sloeford. He knows how to make people do what he wants. Sometimes he does it by words, otherwise he does it with the help of his money. Now he's very worried because of the Kobolds who surrounded the village. He wants to solve the 'Kobold problem' by any means possible, even if the temporary solution would cause the great harm to Nature. But the Dryad has a different opinion. She may or may not solve Wilkes' problem with Kobolds, but she would definitely solve the Nature's problem with Wilkes.



An Enemy

Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Quest:In Accordance with Nature - Shadow

Quest Location: Happy Cow Farm in Tyr Lysia


  • He won't appear unless you play as a Dryad in Single Player mode.
  • If you're playing the Light Dryad, he would stay near his house during and after the quest completion.