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In Seraphim Valley you can find the below services. See Map Icons:




The Seraphim Valley is located in southwestern Tyr Lysia in the Copper Peaks. It seems like a peaceful and tranquil place on first glance. The Abbess Wilgyrien is missing. Will you give her an Elixir or will you kill her?

Locate Seraphim Valley on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

Side Quests


The nearest portal is the Western Tyr Lysia portal. The Sloeford portal would be the next closest. If activated, the Golden Coast monolith is the nearest.


The predominant enemy found is the Kobolds. There are also some Wolves Boars, and Small Earth Elementals.

Interesting Photos

Entrance to Abbey
Just inside Abbey
Bridge inside cave
The Abbey main room


  • Shadows of the Seraphim is a Light path only chain quest. However, it is not available to the Seraphim.
  • The CM patch makes this quest playable by the Seraphim
  • The Shadow path quest Strengthening Elixir for the Abbess ends here.
  • Despite being called Seraphim Valley, there are no Seraphim here. Sister Prudentia explains that their order, the " Women of the Sweet Seraphim" is dwindling as they await the return of the Seraphim.

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