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When we played Sacred, between Bellevue and Silver Creek was the bridge and there was a soldier near it - Sergeant Flavius. In Sacred 2 we meet him again. This time also near a bridge in a city nearest our starting location - Sloeford. In the demo, entering that bridge caused the count-down to the end of the demo when we played it for a first time.

This is the place where you can meet him in Sacred 2...

... and the dialog he offers:

Flavius dialog.png



  • In Sacred 2 Fallen Angel and Ice and Blood he is not connected to any quest, though he offers you a dialog.
  • In CM patch Sergeant Flavius is involved in the And so it begins... quest, the part of VIPs in Ancaria chain. This chain is started automatically at the same time with the game itself. It is dedicated to all the 'special' NPCs that want to talk to you. Flavius' own quest starts as soon as you come close to the Sergeant.


  • The name Flavius and his function of warning the player about the dangers past a certain point, is mostly likely a reference to Flavie from Diablo 2. She is a rogue that warns a player about the dangers of the next area after after the first zone of the game, the Blood Moors.

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