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The Torreya Brook comes from the high mountains of central Tyr Lysia, where the Northern Brigand Camp is. This small river surrounds completely the Sloeford area, by the north ending in the northern part of the Golden Coast, and by the west ending in the central part of the Golden Coast.

Locate Torreya Brook on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

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The Sloeford Portal and Monolith is the nearest transport option to get close to the Torreya Brook.


  • See Notes.

Interesting Photos

River Headwaters
River Mouth


  • Refer to one of the particular places listed below to know more about the services, quests and enemies in each of them:
  • Sloeford is next to the Torreya Brook.
  • Temple Ruins are next to the Torreya Brook.
  • The Brigand Camp is next to the Torreya Brook.
  • The Sleepy Badger is next to the Torreya Brook.
  • The Torreya Brook ends in the Golden Coast.

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