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In Strange Traveling Circus you can find the below services. See Map Icons:



The Strange Traveling Circus is now camping west from Libi's Pratfall, in a very far place, difficult to access. A lot of mystery surrounds these camp, a group of tents where nothing moves. Maybe it was abandoned not long ago, since the place doesn't look like ruins... yet. Further to the west a strange *thing* can be found, the Hyppocampus. The long hike is worth it, if you can find it.

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The Strange Traveling Circus can be reached by walking west from Libi's Pratfall and then using the boat (small portal) in the west edge to travel by sea to the Strange Traveling Circus.


Once you leave the docks and start climbing the hill, you find some zombies messing around. You may also find other undead such as skeleton archers, and probably a mummy (champion) near the tents.

Interesting Photos

Camp main view
Another camp view
The docks
The Hyppocampus next to the river


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