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Succubus enemy stats.png

Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Equally Resistant to All Damage Types

Quest:Daemonic Rituals

Quest Location: Orcish Byway Cemetery in Artamark

  • The exact stats of this Boss are unavailable, since the Succubus isn't shown in the Last Opponent list due to the quest storyline.
  • Though the exact stats are not shown, it is possible to notice the amount of health-points this Boss has. It is approximately 38268 HP for the pictured 54 level Succubus.

Succubus' Combat Arts:


The Succubus summons three lesser demons to assist her in battle. These demons' level is the same that the level of the Succubus herself. Two of them are usual demons, the third one is a champion. The Succubus usually casts this spell in the very beginning of the battle, so it is possible that these demons would be already with her when your character would see her for the first time.


The Succubus throws root-based spell, that looks like a bunch of glowing strings, towards the character, binding him to the ground. It is possible to escape this spell.
Battle Notes:
  • Succubus has a high damage value and a significant amount of Life Leech.
  • Succubus' regeneration is relatively fast compared to other enemies.