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In The Sleepy Badger you can find the below services. See Map Icons:


The Sleepy Badger is an inn located west of the Happy Cow Farm, It is far enough from Sloeford to be a meeting point for those who aren't welcome in Sloeford.

This is where the Inquisitor enters the gameworld.

Locate The Sleepy Badger on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

Side Quests

  • Inquisitor: Appears to all characters other than the Inquisitor. He does offer dialogue but does not give a quest.


There is a monolith in the Happy Cow Farm, Southeast from The Sleepy Badger, which is the quickest and easiest place to go from.

If the monolith can't be used, the next closest reference is Sloeford. The Sleepy Badger is west of the Happy Cow Farm. Follow the road north of the barn west until you reach the inn.


There are enemies inside The Sleepy Badger only for Inquisitor starting the single player Main Campaign. In that case, you must kill the Landlord and the Guest to start the campaign. Otherwise there aren't any enemies inside the inn.

When leaving the inn some brigands will be found in the way toward Happy Cow Farm. Even some wolves and kobolds can be found if you walk far enough.

Interesting Photos

The Sleepy Badger
The inn entrance
The back view
Inside the inn
Upstairs the inn
Welcome to the Sleepy Badger
Somebody stop them please!


  • If the player wants to start the Highwaymen quest chain, head south after passing through the gate and then west across the river bridge into the Brigand Camp. Cross through the camp and talk to the guard at the other end to start the quest.

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