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In Twainbrook Cemetery you can find the below services. See Map Icons:


Note: Visit Twainbrook for additional services.

Twainbrook Cemetery is located on a hill just north of Twainbrook in central Tyr Lysia. Among the graves a player can discover several references to some of the moderators from the Sacred International Forum.

Locate Twainbrook Cemetery on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

Side Qests


Closest portals are at Thylysium and Sloeford. From Thylysium a player may head north along the main path until they reach an intersection (near the Thylysium Cemetery). Continue while heading west and cross over the second bridge. After crossing the second a road going northward will be seen. . Follow this road right into Twainbrook. The cemetery is on the north side of town.

If traveling from Sloeford, head west out of town and over the bridge. As soon as the bridge is crossed, turn and head north until arriving at an intersection. Both paths at this intersection lead to Twainbrook. If a player heads up the road heading northwest, they may keep to the main road and eventually cross a bridge as the road turns toward the east. The town is just a short distance further. On the road heading northeast, cross a bridge just after the intersection. Continue on this path til reaching the next intersection, and then take the road going north (not the one that has a bridge) and the town is a short walk from there. Once in town the path to the cemetery right next to the blacksmith can be found.


Kobolds are the most common enemies a player can find near the Twainbrook village, but if the nearby woods are visited the player may find also some Wild Boars within. There are also Undead (Ghouls and Skeleton Warriors) inside the crypt.

Interesting Photos

Crypt Entrance
Who Could This Be?
Inside the Crypt
Another Crypt View
Together we shall make the worlds
greatest bobsled team.
Now, push! - dreeft

Cemetery Inscriptions, Epitaphs and Quotes

Statue Guardian of Souls

  • Death is nothing to us, since when we are, death has not come, and when death has come, we are not.


  • Never fight an inanimate object (within the cave)
  • Airplanes may kill you, but they ain't likely to hurt you.
  • Success is spelled D-O-I-T!
  • Cleanliness becomes more important whenn godliness is unlikely
  • Originality is the fine art of remembering what you hear but forgetting where you heard it.
  • If two wrongs don't make a right, try three.


  • If I were you I'd rather be me
  • Take no thought of who is right or wrong or who is better than. Be not for or against.

-Bruce Lee


  • DaGirl She tripped, fell and was impaled on her own stiletto heels.
- Reference to Carolyn Hacker, who used to be Community Manager for Sacred 2 International Forum, who's original nic while playing the original Sacred and posting on the first game's community forums was DaGirl. Ascaron's policy was to have all their employees post with their real first names on company forums and so the change from DaGirl to Carolyn Hacker.
  • He hit me for HOW MUCH!!?
  • Here lie gogo's pants. Found at last... and only a little whiffy!
- Admin SacredWiki/Darkmatters, member of Clan [D.a.r.k]. Back then gogo had a custom title of "Shiny Happy Pantless Person" in the Sacred International Forum, which produced a lot of jokes about his pants.
  • Here lies Shoi... skirt up to his neck again.
- Member from Sacred International Forum's original forum (Though this is a shortening of his real name Shoitan), who could be found often in the evil forum anti-bar
  • Knuckles - GOOB'd for the last time when his membership in the Order of Bunny Jumpers was voided due to his love of pink spandex.
- Former moderator for Sacred International and Beta forums. Moderator/member from DarkMatters site/ Clan [D.a.r.k]...the pink spandex has it's origins in a moment of singing in the online closed servers during the original Sacred
  • Pevil discovered that hiding behind a wet mattress would not prevent the dragon from burning her to a crisp.
- Player/member from Clan DA site, moderator from the Sacred International forum, used to have her own site for the game Pevil's Place, and was famous for being expert with horses in builds from the original game.
  • Never hiccup while sword swallowing
  • Here lies Frosty, STILL whining about spelling.
- Player/member from Clan DA site, used to moderate for the Sacred International Forum, and produced many guides and articles for the original game and it's followup
  • Poor Halenthal's spull failed Imagune that!
- Admin/member from Sacred International Forum during the franchise's first release. Expert with technical support of the game, and his love for Dwarf Fortress


Radildur DeElfici
Disowned due to gluttony.

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