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After the Creator banished the Seraphim to this world, they managed to keep the warlike races of the world in check for a long time, and had hoped that he would welcome them back with open arms. Over the years, though, the Seraphim began to become negligent and somewhat bored. Thus, they weren't sufficiently prepared when the Great Dragon War broke out and were almost wiped off the face of the world.

That taught them a lesson. To prevent another such failure, Sophia has created a new hunting ground as a challenge every young Seraphim has to face at intervals: The Crystal Plane.

Once upon a time, the Crystal Plane was a largely uninhabited territory where only wild animals and a very few retreats for elementals existed. After Sophia was finished using the T-Energy to rework the territory nothing was as it had once been anymore. No greenery, no flowers, no lake - only ice and crystals. And this is how the Crystal Plane is today: An inhospitable and barren region where no natural life exists. Frosted trees, frozen rivers, ice crystals and biting cold do not encourage anyone to linger.

But that isn't the worst of it. A hunting ground needs prey, and the kind of prey Sophia banished to the Crystal Plane differs a lot from the usual game. Where once lived wolves and boars, trolls and elementals, the T-Energy turned them into soulless and powerful crystalline creatures that are formidable enemies even for Seraphim.

The Crystal Plane is inhabited by three different groups of creatures: The Ten-An, the Cin and the In-Lar. They were created and settled there, specifically for their purpose. Occasionally, other creatures wander about the Crystal Plane, but their chances for survival in this barren world are pretty slim. Still, it is an interesting diversion to quick-heat the odd orc and see it shatter. This will take an average of 27.2 seconds using a Pillar of Light... It is possible to encounter other creatures here, but they won't survive for long.


Arena of the Winged Ones

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