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Mage Staffs are one-handed melee weapons. They gain damage from Intelligence and the weapon lore skill that governs then is Magic Staffs. With the Ice and Blood expansion, choosing the Magic Staffs skill unlocks the ability to use staves as ranged weapons. The projectiles granted by this skill are comparable in speed, flight path and range to those of Energy Weapons (see Ranged Weapons for more info and comparison).

Damage Types

Mage Staffs typically deal physical damage, however depending on the weapon they are very likely to also deal any of the other Damage Types. The additional damage types are not restricted to a single one at a time, the players can have Mage Staffs that have multiple elemental damages, allowing for several different Secondary Damage Effects being possible without any additional gear.

Types and Skins

Mage Staffs consist of:

  • Quarter Staff
  • Mage Staff
  • Magic Rod

Common Mage Staffs

Notable Mage Staffs

Unique Mage Staffs:

Community Patch Mage Staffs:

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