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Horses and Special Mounts

In a huge world like Ancaria, the player has to have methods for dealing with and traversing long distances. In addition to horses, each character also has a unique mount created specifically for that character class. This mount not only fits the personality of the character, but also complements the various aspects of the character's playing style perfectly.

  • All mounts offer the player a faster travel speed. They also provide the mounted hero with additional bonuses, mostly defensive. Players can choose to fight while mounted or on foot. Each method requires a different tactical approach.
  • All mounts offer more health points and defense bonuses. The special mount for each class does not reduce the character's regeneration times or offer the counter bonus, but offers a resistance bonus instead. The three exceptions to this are the Seraphim's Saber-toothed Tiger (which offers an Evasion bonus), the Temple Guardian's Mobiculum (which offers a Shielding Regeneration bonus), and the Inquisitor's Shroud Spider (which offers an increased attack value). (See Note)
  • Mounts can die, though this is an infrequent occurrence. If your health drops below a certain level, the mount will perish, leaving you on foot with a small amount of health. The exact point at which your mount dies is in dispute, nonetheless exercise caution when kiting as getting stuck can quickly lead to a remount bill of several million gold at higher levels.
  • While on Unique Mounts, a player will be able to use all Combat Arts. While on Horses, no player Combat Arts will work, only Horse Combat Arts
  • All classes can choose between four special mounts (see Note). These mounts have different colors with different abilities that are conferred to the character depending on which colored mount is chosen. Mounts will level with the character, and have almost as much access to the map as a character does with the exception (so far) of caves. They can even enter into houses while being ridden. Three of any class's mounts will give a penalty of at least 30% to regeneration times. To balance that out, those three mounts offer a counter bonus of 33.3% to one chosen aspect. As an example, if a Seraphim chose the Celestial Magic Saber-tooth Tiger mount, she would have all of the regens on all of her aspects hit with a penalty that would increase the regen time with the exception of the one aspect that the mount offers a counter bonus upon. Choose wisely.
  • The Unique Mount quests are generally completed between levels 15-20 and are much easier to do with the purchase of a horse mount beforehand (as this will allow you to reach the quest giver more quickly than walking on foot).
When playing Multiplayer, a character can also have another higher level character complete the mount quest while partied. Once the higher level player has completed the quest, the low level player can teleport directly to them and purchase the mount. If the low level character has enough money it is possible to have a mount at level one this way. (Xbox 360 users be wary of this. There is a chance that the game may corrupt your data as the game's error checking mechanics kick in and this can corrupt your save file.)

The different colors of the mounts refer to the aspect the character will receive the bonus Combat Art regeneration to offset the negative penalty given across all aspects.

Special Mounts

See Unique Mounts for complete walkthrough.

Follow this map to Orcish Byway

At Orcish Byway, the quest is given by a quest giver standing against a building that has a beam of yellow light coming down from the sky and shining down on top of her.

Speak to her and she will give you the first quest in the Quest Chain called Mount Quest:

(Try the Wargfels portal (or portal at Kufferath Castle) to get you close to the town Orcish Byway that she's in.)

This is Orcish Byway, where the quest starts (Right double-clicking on the map will zoom it out)

Follow through with the quest, which will take you to a town called Urthak's Moxie in Orc Region. There will be a boat there whose captain will finally take you up to Mount Island where, after killing three different groups of test animals for the final NPC, he will reward you with your choice of Special Mount. (Make sure you have enough gold!)

Mount Island

Ice & Blood

  • A Roof Over the Head quest located in the Village Ruins in the The Cursed Forest region must be completed first to reveal the new expansion horse and special mount traders located within the town. This is the only location to find the Unicorn, Flaming Horse, Warhorse and the Dragon Mage's Draconicon
  • The non-aspect mount was removed from the game in the Ice and Blood expansion.
  • All mounts from the expansion have a slightly different appearance compared to the ones from original game. The difference is in their armor, bridles and saddles. The mounts for the Inquisitor, Dryad and High Elf were also renamed.

Community Patch

  • All mounts from the original game return with the Community Patch. With the patch installed, the special mount vendor offers seven mounts - four mounts from the original game and three mounts that came with the expansion.

Buff-mount0 horse.gif Horse (Any class)

Across Ancaria you will find many horse dealers. They offer all kinds of animals, from the simple nag up to a real war horse. Any NPC with a horseshoe icon will be happy to exchange a large sum of gold for a nice mount.

Buff-mount1 tiger.gif Saber-toothed Tiger (Seraphim)

The Seraphim may look like angels, but their mounts have nothing angelic about them. Their large fangs not only look dangerous, but are indeed deadly weapons.

Buff-mount3 hound.gif Hellhound (Shadow Warrior)

The Hellhound is the perfect companion for a warrior trapped between life and death. When this monster appears from the underworld, it strikes fear into the heart of every opponent.

Buff-mount2 lizard.gif Monitor Lizard (Dryad)

The Dryads respect nature and ever since the Great War they have hated T-Energy. It makes sense that their special mount is a Monitor Lizard, because these giant lizards complement the Dryad's preference for ranged weapons very well.

Buff-mount5 drake.gif Wind Serpent (High Elf)

The Wind Serpent would seem almost cute, if it weren’t for its glowing eyes. The Wind Serpent’s appearance is not as commanding as that of a Dragon, but its powers are no less formidable.

Buff-mount4 spider.gif Shroud Spider (Inquisitor)

The dark powers have provided a very special mount for the Inquisitor. He rides on the back of a large dark spider while weaving his powerful spells.

Buff-mount6 mob.gif Mobiculum (Temple Guardian)

All characters except for the Temple Guardian have a “biological” special mount. He, on the other hand, uses a modern, T-Energy powered monowheel, a machine that is as imposing as it is dangerous. The Temple Guardian can use his combat arts even when sitting inside the Mobiculum.

Buff-mount7 draconicon.gif Draconicon (Dragon Mage)

At first glance only, this mythical creature is reminiscient of a horse. The Draconicon receives its legendary strength from the dragon blood, which flows in the veins of this hybrid being. Just a few dare to approach a wild Draconicon. Yet once it has been subdued and submitted itself to its master, it is one of the most powerful mounts in Ancaria.


Different classes have different movement speeds, on foot and mounted. For example, the Inquisitor is the slowest character while on his spider, but not while on foot. In a Multiplayer game the differences will not be very noticeable.

Riding Mastery (the skill at level 75) adds a bonus on top of the mount boost. This is mostly noticeable for the slowest-moving characters; others will not experience an earth-shattering visual difference (even though they will really move "much" faster), due to the fact that the bonus is percentage-based.

Character speed

The Seraphim and Shadow Warrior are the slowest of all (and move at the same speed). Others move roughly 4% faster.

Horse speed

All characters move at the same speed while on a horse. Below is a comparison with their run and special mount speed.

  • Inquisitor - 48% faster than on foot; about 15% faster than on Spider
  • Seraphim - 53% faster than on foot; about 10% faster than on Tiger
  • High Elf, Dryad - 48% faster than on foot; same as with their Serpent and Lizard
  • Shadow Warrior - 53% faster than on foot; about 5% slower than on Hellhound
  • Temple Guardian - 48% faster than on foot; about 5% slower than on Mobiculum

Special Mount speed

"60% faster" is approximately equivalent to equipping 60% Run Speed.

  • Shadow Warrior - 60% faster than on foot (fastest unique mount rider along with Temple Guardian)
  • Temple Guardian - 55% faster than on foot (on Mobiculum the speed is the same as SW's on Hellhound)
  • High Elf, Dryad - 48% faster than on foot (slower than SW and TG by about 5%)
  • Seraphim - 40% faster than on foot (slower than SW by roughly 15%)
  • Inquisitor - 30% faster than on foot (slower than SW by 20%)

Mount Statistics