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Damage Done:

Weak against:

Battle Notes

  • Must destroy the four nearby crystals and then fight Narmul
  • Narmul can not move from his position
  • Narmul's melee damage is Magic type damage which he only uses after all 4 statues have been destroyed

Uses 4 different ranged Combat Arts:

  • An attack simialr to Dragon Strike but does ice damage
  • An attack similar to Incendiary Shower but does ice damage. Narmul will begin to use this power after the second crystal is destroyed
  • A trap that drains a player's Combat Art energy. Narmul will begin to use this power after the forth crystal is destroyed
  • A power that pulls the player towards Narmul. Narmul will begin to use this power after the forth crystal is destroyed
  • The two main attacks of Narmul deal tremendous amounts of Ice and Physical damage. Getting hit fully by the Dragon Strike or a couple ice meteors can easily kill otherwise very durable characters. Fragile characters can get one-shot at high levels in Niobium.
  • The pulling attack can be very dangerous because it can unexpectedly pull the player character into Narmul's damaging spells.
  • Use a quick movement Combat Art like Belligerent Vault or Assailing Somersault to help avoid his attacks. Narmul's spells have a delay, so periodically changing locations is the best way to stay out of harm's way.
  • Over the course of the fight, the nearby frozen bears will come to life and can interfere when avoiding Narmul's spells, making navigating the arena even more dangerous in combination with the large amount of environmental obstacles.