Sacred 2:The Tortured Soul

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Quick Walkthrough

Detailed Walkthrough

Once in "The Broken Goblet" inn, your character noticed, that the innkeeper is very sad. He wanted to talk to you, so you stayed for a while and listened to his story.


Destroy the Undead Creature that Once was my Wife.

Would you be willing to help a tortured soul, or rather two tortured souls? I know it must sound strange, but believe me, I am speaking the truth! My poor wife passed away two winters ago. It was a terrible loss for me and I still miss her very much, but sometimes death isn't the worst fate that might befall you. Recently I've been hearing rumors that an undead creature is haunting the graveyard At first I didn't pay any attention to those rumors, but one day when I went to the cemetery to visit my wife's grave I found it had been opened and desecrated. A while later I saw her, or what's left of her anyway. She recognized me, then approached and gestured at me to end her miserable existence. I was too weak, I couldn't do it. Please could you go to the cemetery and destroy her lifeless corpse? End her pain? Save her soul? I am a poor man, but I will give you all the gold that I own. Will you help me? I'm begging you, in my name and in the name of my poor wife's soul.


Touched by Timoch's sad story, you decide to solve his problem and to set his wife free of her miserable existance. So you head to the Twainbrook Cemetery, which is located north of the town, at the top of the hill.

Once there, you try to find Argatha, Timoch's Wife, or at least her grave. You find her grave unearthed and desecrated. Soon after that, you notice the Zombie wandering around the cemetery.

This Zombie is poor Argatha, so you kill this decaying Undead. Now when the task is accomplished, you can return to Timoch to tell him the news.


Could it be? You succeeded! I am forever in your debt. Thank you, thank you so much! As I told you before, I cannot give you much, but please accept this gold. You deserve it.


He was happy to know that you freed his wife's soul and gave you some gold. That wasn't a large sum, but since the good deeds are reward by themselves, your character is happy with the result anyway.

Quest Enemies

Argatha Timoch's Wife

Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Quest:The Tortured Soul

Quest Location: Twainbrook in Tyr Lysia

Logbook Entry


  • Only Light aligned characters can access this quest. Shadow aligned characters can access the (unrelated) chain quest The Advisor's Career Plans instead.