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Recently many dangerous creatures invaded Tyr Lysia, so it's not surprising to see soldiers guarding the towns and patrolling the areas around outposts. When you come to the outpost in the northern part of elven lands, you'd see three Guardsmen standing on their observation post. But this time they are watching for reinforcements rather then enemies, because the Kobolds laid siege to the fort nearby. Only one Guardsman would be willing to talk to you and ask to assist them in breaking the siege. Maybe he's a commander of this small unit, or maybe he's just the most brave one, you'd never know for sure.



  • This Guarsdman is quest giver for the Cut Off quest. He is also a hireling that will accompany you in this mission.
  • Although this Guardsman doesn't take part in One Last Plea nor From Cold Dead Hands, you would be able to access these quests only after you talk to him and start the Cut Off quest.
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A Hireling

While completing the Cut Off quest, you'd have to fight together with this Guardsman. He seems to be a leader of a small brigade. He is accompanied by two more Guardsmen, and they all would join your character as hirelings. On the left you can see a picture of them together, running towards the enemy.
Here is the description of these three Guardsmen as hirelings:

  • The Guardsman, who talks to your character, is immortal due to the fact that enemies never attack him, even if he hits the enemy.
  • The other two Guardsmen are mortal NPCs. They will be hurt if hit, and will die if not healed.
  • All of them are fighting hirelings.
  • These three are close combat fighters, but they are unarmed, so they can't be very effective.
  • They attack Kobolds, but oftenly ignore other enemies.


  • Although two Guardsmen, who join you as hirelings together with this one, are mortal, they don't play major part in the quest. You would be able to continue the quest even if they die.
  • Since his quest was added to the game with the Community Patch, this Guardsman and his comrades-in-arms won't appear if you don't have the patch installed.