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As most people who have played Sacred 2 know, the folks at Ascaron have been quite fond of various cultural icons and have found ways to incorporate them into the game. Things like the Alien from Alien (and the rest of the series), the DeLorean from Back to the Future in the car museum. And some hard core players of the game will have found lightsabers to use.


There are also two other Star Wars related characters with thinly disguised names also hiding in the game. The first, as anyone who's completed the quest Manners Maketh Kobold will know, there's Y'Oldah the small green kobold living in Nagash's Nest who's name sounds like the much beloved Jedi Master Yoda.

And speaking of Y'Oldah and his tree stump home, just behind it, there appears to be a pile of lumber that appears to possibly be the wreck of perhaps an X-Wing fighter. You be the judge...

Note the glass cockpit, the barrel that could possibly be mistaken for R2-D2...

This is the rear view of the wreck. This bird is grounded, permanently... If you consider the other vehicular easter egg - the car showroom in the Dyr Lain (Dryad region), you'll no doubt see how the developers spoof other vehicles by making them out of wood.

Also, in the first quest he gives you, Y'Oldah asks you to recover a painting by "Skowe", which has been stolen by orcs. "Skowe" is "Ewoks" spelled backwards.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Statue

The statue of Knobi WanBen er.. Obi-Wan Kenobi.

He can be found in the northwest part of the Desert. He's located near the Ascaron Employee Felix Schuller.

Han Solo

The Dryad class quest has a character named San Holo - who she meets in the Jungle port of Na'Fian. San Holo, clearly a thinly disguised take on Han Solo, needs the Dryad to help find some lost scrolls in a nearby cave.

A New Hope

There's a chain quest in the Artamark (Human Region) called "A New Hope" - which is also part of the official title of the film that started the whole Star Wars phenomenon - Episode IV - A New Hope.

Senator Palpatine

Inside the Thylysium Senate, near the podium in its center, you may encounter Senator Palentine. He is a direct parallel to Senator Palpatine from Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, the prequel from 1999 which is set 32 years before the movie Star Wars. Palpatine portrays himself in this movie as an aging Galactic Senator from the planet Naboo. We learn as the plot progresses that he is in actuality the Sith Lord Darth Sidious. The Senate in Tylylsium also resembles the Senate Chambers as seen in the movie and referenced in DarkMatters

Mos Eisley Cantina

The nameless Desert Cantina looks like very much like the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars.

Special Mounts

The Mobiculum looks like the vehicle used by General Grievous and the Monitor Lizard like the mount used by Obi-Wan Kenobi in their battle in episode III.

Temple Guardian

If you happen to be playing a Light side Temple Guardian and you let him sit around too long, one of the sound bytes he will say "Sir, if you don't need me, I'll switch myself off for a while..." - a comment made by C-3PO in the original movie (Episode IV: A New Hope).

In another one, he makes mention of getting an oil bath - also seen in the orignal movie.

Inquisitor - Star Wars Homages

Is this Tatooine?

When fighting Sandmen in the Bengaresh Desert, the Inquisitor will occasionally crack this joke: "Did Anakin let you live?"

"The Force Will Free Me"

  • "THE END, JUSTIFIES ALL MEANS!" - While this could easily be mistaken for a commonly used idiom/cliche, it is also possible that this is a reference Machiavelli's "The Prince" or Darth Sideous/Emperor Palpatine (he used the "End Justifies the Means" approach in Star Wars Episode 3).
  • "I thought you were supposed to observe the code?" - This is a taunt that the Inquisitor uses against High Elf priests; He's probably making a reference to the Sith Code.

The Inquisitor will occasionaly make a vague reference to the Sith Code when he takes damage in battle (he may have to have the buff Purifying Chastisement equipped). It goes as follows: "Your hate only fuels my anger!"

"Play as Darth Vader"

  • Equipping one of the Darth Vader / Red Scorpion helmets* on the Inquisitor will cause him to start making a faint, heavy breathing noise when he's idle.**
  • A screen shot of a player's Inquisitor wearing the Black Vader/Scorpion helmet, while also using Force Lightning (Levin Array) while wielding a red Lightsaber.
  • If a player uses Soul Reaver, they may at first think it's Soul Reaver's sound effect, but if they turn Soul Reaver off and compare the sounds, the Darth Vader style breathing is noticeably different from the Soul Reaver sounds. Furthermore, upon inspecting the game's sound files, the Inquisitor has a special idle sound file that contains the "Vader Breathing".
  • The entire Inquisitor class quest (the blue chain) revolves around his relationship with Shirka Alana - his daughter. By the time you catch up with her for the 3rd time in North Grunwald, she's become a freelance mercenary and you go dragon hunting together. At the end of that particular quest, you tell her that you're her father and she has a sort of Luke Skywalker kind of moment. Mind you, you don't lop off her hand, but she's most definitely upset that you weren't around.

Random Mentions

  • In chapter 3 of the shadow campaign in the quest Among Orcs the orc spy Garappak paraphrases the famous "May the force be with you" line while telling you to kill some enemy orcs.

Community Patch Additions

Additional Lightsabers

Community Patch made lightsabers drop frequently and even made some special ones a reward for some quests. Here you can see quests that are now rewarded with a lightsaber:
Side Quests
These quests are rewarded with random yellow lightsabers:

Epic Office Quest

Character Specific Quests

  • Seraphim's character specific quest Whoops in now rewarded with a random yellow lightsaber

Other ways to get a special lightsaber

  • According to CM Patch patchnotes, random golden lightsabers can be dropped by bosses.
  • You may also find a unique lightsaber called Bringer of Light.

A real Darth Vader's Helmet
Though some helmets in original Sacred 2 resebmle Darth Vader's helmet, they do not look exactly like the real thing. With the Community Patch you have an opportunity to find the exact copy of Vader's famous helmet, which was brought to the world of Ancaria as a unique item called Helmet of unspeakable evil. This unique item is for the Inquisitor, of course.

Other mentions

  • One of the Hermits the player encounters during Daemonic Rituals quest tells you that he sensed "A disturbance of power. Like a cry which was suddenly silenced." It is a paraphrase of a quite famous line said by Obi-Wan Kenobi after Alderaan was destroyed in Episode IV. The original reads as "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

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