Sacred 2:Bloodclaw

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Damage Types:

Weakest against:

Quest:The Big Bad Werewolf

Quest Location: Griffinborough in Artamark

Bloodclaw Battle Notes

  • Bloodclaw is towering and monstrous even by werewolf standards. His tactics are not much different than any other werewolf however: A head-first charge with full-on melee attacks.
  • He has a frenzy-type aura that displays as purple and yellow spikes radiating from his body.
  • Bloodclaw is equally resistant to fire and physical damage, so any of the other three elements are effective against him.
  • The battle with Bloodclaw takes place in a long, narrow ravine, which leaves not much room for kiting and evasion. Combat Arts which immobilize him and do heavy damage quickly are the best choice.

Bloodclaw's Associated Quest

The quest giver for Bloodclaw's associated quest, The Big Bad Werewolf, is in the forest to the east of Griffinborough.