Sacred 2:The Big Bad Werewolf

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While you were wandering in the forests east form Griffinborough you find a woman named Marline, who tells you she is picking up some mushrooms. After spending some minutes speaking with the woman, she tells you about a terrible werewolf that has been seen in the nearby forests.


Kill Bloodclaw!

Grcctings! Arc you here to collect mushrooms? Some tasty caps and toadstools grow around here. Unfortunately the area is infested with werewolves. And what's more, their leader is also lurking around. He's a really dangerous beast. Bloodclaw they call him. Mind you, he does his name proud. You would do us all a favor if you were to get rid of that creature once and for all.


Wondering why the woman keeps picking up mushrooms despite the known danger you start walking deeper in the forest. After looking around for a while, finally you find a small path crossing through the middle of the forest. You follow the path up between two hills and just when you arrive into a clear in the path ...the Werewolf Bloodclaw comes out from his hideout and attacks you!

You fight bravely the Werewolf Bloodclaw. After beating the beast you feel quite proud of yourself... that's been a great fight!

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Quest:The Big Bad Werewolf

Quest Location: Griffinborough in Artamark

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