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Captain Bloodtongue is a violent leader of the pirates that are plaguing the Golden Coast and are strong enough to start moving inland. He seems to be crazy about his treasure... not only about it though. Looks like he got his nickname after his attempts to cut off the tongue from everyone he happens to dislike. No wonder that Officer Rengelwyn wants to stop this pirate as soon as possible.



An Enemy

  • Right after you talk to him, you'd have to fight this crazy pirate captain. This is the enemy he would become:

Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Quest:Bloodmouth Must Die

Quest Location: Copper Peaks in Tyr Lysia


  • He is standing right next to the door from The Legendary Pirate Treasure quest.
  • In the earlier vesions of Sacred 2 Fallen Angel the cave Captain Bloodtongue and Scout Menatrin are in was divided into three small caves.