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combatdiscipline.gif Combat Discipline

Improves regeneration of Combat Arts that are in a Combo and slightly increases the damage of all combat arts. Also allows up to three Combat Arts in a Combo.

  • Regeneration Time -10%
  • Damage +XX (refer to table below) (this is actually a percent boost, not a flat increase, so for example the +1356 at skill level 75 is actually +135.6% to damage)

Skill level 1 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 74 75 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 155 170 185 200
Damage: 74 313 537 726 889 1030 1153 1261 1301 1356 1464 1658 1829 1981 2116 2238 2348 2494 2621 2734 2833



  • At Level 75 Combat Discipline will allow up to four Combat Arts in a Combo.
  • Regeneration Time -20%
  • The increase in damage per skill level decreases until level 75 is reached, after which the increase in damage jumps up and increases by a significant amount per level of this skill.


  • Combat Discipline improves regeneration only for the Combat Arts that are in a combo, but a player can assign a single Art to a combo to reap the benefits.
  • Combat Discipline gives a global damage boost for all Arts, in or out of combo. The bonus increases as a player puts more skill points in it. To translate the "+ X" into percentage, divide it by 10 (for example "+ 74" is actually a 7,4% increase, apparently rounded up to 8%).
  • The Damage bonus from Combat Discipline affects spell damage based combat arts fully, but for weapon-based combat arts it will only boost the bonus damage from the CA (eg, if Battle Extension is giving to character an additional +20% damage, Combat Discipline will affect that +20%, so if CD gives it +10%, a player will end up with +22% damage bonus from Battle Extension).
  • Note: Prior to game version 2.40.0 (which includes the console versions), it should be noted that due to a bug, Combat Arts in a combo always used attack speed rather than casting speed. This bug affects all combos, whether or not the Combat Discipline skill is taken. See the combo page for details.


  • Regeneration time bonus is fixed at -10% below level 75 Combat Discipline
  • Regeneration time bonus is fixed at -20% above level 75 Combat Discipline

The damage bonus at a given skill level x is given fairly precisely by the following formulas:

  • 3000*(x+1.5)/(x+100) Pre-Mastery
  • 4500*(x-32.5)/(x+66) Mastery

The bold marked numbers are the smallest upper bounds of this progression, which will never at any skill level be exceeded.

As an example, damage at x=75: 75 is the first mastery level, so we take the mastery formula and we have

4500*(75-32.5)/(75+66) = 4500*42.5/141 = 1356.4

This value compared with the table value is a good example of the precision the formulas offer.

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