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The Dryads are descendants of an ancient race of Southern Elves. These renegade Elves withdrew to the Western islands in ancient times, but have long since developed their own distinct and independent culture, so much so that they no longer consider themselves Elves. They are a matriarchal tribe who live as one with nature. Their settlements consist of tree houses, their gardens are renowned in all of Ancaria.

The Dryad is one of the 7 playable characters in Sacred 2. She has left her homeland to face the world and her destiny.

Despite being cut off from the rest of the world, even the Dryads are being affected by the changes that the Great Machine is causing. Entire areas of their habitat have been destroyed by uncontrolled T-Energy, and creatures that the energy didn’t destroy mutated to powerful monstrosities, which are now haunting their forest.


The Dryads' homeland is the island of Dyr Lain, where they live a secluded life in harmony with their environment. Dryads can also sometimes be found in the Jungle Region on the mainland. When they go hunting, they are skillful in using poison and traps and they observe their traditions diligently. Most of them never see life outside their homeland and generally, they are not interested in affairs beyond their borders.

The Dryads' tight bond with nature bestows abilities deriving from the very strengths of the wilderness upon these fighters of the forest. They are also well-skilled with ranged weapons such as bows or blowguns. The most powerful of the Dryad hunters are even knowledgeable of the dark arts of Voodoo. Their connection with the trees is of such closeness that they refuse to eat anything that does not live or grow in the woods.

For Dryads, cooking is a collective and social activity. Dryad cuisine is renowned in Ancaria. The Elf citizens of Thylysium especially value the sweet fruits that grow on the Dryad islands and are willing to pay quite extraordinary prices for them. Yet the Dryads don't care about money. They only grow as much as seems appropriate to them.

Behavior and Attitudes

For a very long time the Dryads lived alone on their island, shying away from contact with the outside world. But after monsters started attacking them, they allowed a few Elves to build a settlement called Aerendyr in the south of the island. They have come to regret this decision because Aerendyr seems to poison the whole island.

Perhaps bad experiences with outsiders are responsible for the reserved manner with which the Dryads approach strangers. They welcome them to their villages, but engaging a Dryad in a conversation beyond a simple greeting is quite difficult. One can only get to know them better by sharing their belief in Kybele, Goddess of nature and by helping them take care of the fauna and flora of the island.

Travelers who have sufficient time should not miss this opportunity as the Dryads have a lot to say. Their wisdom will come as a surprise to those who dismiss them as "plant whisperers" and "fruit huggers". In Dyr-Lain, it is considered extremely rude to cut off a woman in mid sentence. Some people claim that Dyr-Lain is the chattiest place in all of Ancaria.

Blood Dryads

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Dyr Lain is also home to the growing cult of the Blood Dryads. Unlike the normal Dryads, these fighters follow their own path under the guidance of dark shamans. Their glowing eyes have lost their pupils, and they seem to sprout demonic horns. Their swords glow with unholy flames. Their attitudes are hostile and their beliefs are mysterious. Protecting their island sanctuary is most important to these warrior women, and they will use their wits and skills to outsmart anyone caught attempting to breach their security. Like the trees they live in, all Dryads are weak against fire and ice.

Dryad Symbols and Art

Dryads are an artistic race - both males and females use colorful designs in their clothing as well as vibrant body art in the form of tattoos.

Robes of the Empress
Female Symbol
Female Symbol 2
Female Symbol 3
Female Tattoo
Female Tattoo 2

Male Symbol
Male Symbol 2
Male Symbol 3
Male Symbol 4
Male Tattoo
Male Tattoo 2

More Dryad Pictures

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