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This unique swordstaff will only drop if you have the Community Patch installed.

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Item Modifiers


  • Mind Tricks are the type of Force power that alters the opponents' perception of reality. This weapon allows you to warp their sense of time, causing them to move slowly and think that you move at incredible speed. It also makes it easier for you to evade their slow clumsy blows. Though there is a limit to the weapon's power - you can only be seen as a fast fighter if you have some real fighting prowess. So "Attack Speed" requires the Sword Weapons skill and scales with it. The Jedi Mind Trick was intended as a "leveling weapon" - the more powerful it is, the more you can do with it! So if you see it dropping with different sets of modifiers at different item levels, it's not a bug, it's a feature.
  • This swordstaff lightsaber may drop in red or blue color.
  • Jedi Mind Trick has willpower-based damage. Just like all the other lightsabers do with the Community Patch. This fact is not displayed in the willpower attribute tooltip, but it works.