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These Easter Egg weapons are relatively rare in Ancaria. In original Sacred 2 Fallen Angel and Ice and Blood it requires a lot of hours to even find one. However, the Community Patch makes them drop more frequently and even makes them a reward for some special quests. Check the Star Wars Easter Egg page to know how to get one of these weapons. Normally, lightsabers have the same Item Modifiers the usual swords may have.

Sword Weapons Lore Modifiers

icon13.gif In the original Sacred 2 Fallen Angel and Ice & Blood Lightsabers have the same modifiers as Swords. Refer to the Swords page for more information.

icon13.gif With the Community Patch all Lightsabers share the same Skill-specific modifier:

Item Level 1
Modifier Chance to disregard armor

Damage Types

  • Lightsabers typically deal some physical damage and some other damage type. On common lightsabers the damage is approximately half-physical, half-elemental. However, on unique and legendary ones the amount of physical damage is very little. The additional damage types are not restricted to a single one at a time, you can have lightsabers that have multiple elemental damages, allowing for several different status effects being possible without any additional gear. The dominant non physical damage type is reflected in the lightsaber's blade colour.
  • Modifying a lightsaber with any elemental damage converter (Chunk of Lava, Poison Fang, Magic Pearl or Ice Crystal) will change the damage dealt, but not the color of the blade. The lightsabers never display any additional animation either. No matter what was forged into them, they won't burst into flames or cover with hoarfrost.
  • icon13.gif In the original Sacred 2 Fallen Angel and Ice & Blood Lightsabers gain damage from Strength.
  • icon13.gif The Community Patch changes Lightsabers' base attribute to Willpower. It makes them the only willpower-based weapons in game. This fact isn't displayed in the Willpower's tooltip on the skills page (the "Weapon Damage +[number]" string doesn't appear), but it works.


  • Moderate


The lightsabers differ in colour, which reflects their dominant non physical damage type.

Lightsabers' colours are:

  • Red - its respective damage type is fire.jpg Fire
  • Blue - its respective damage type is magic.jpg Magic
  • Green - its respective damage type is poison.jpg Poison
  • Purple - its respective damage type is ice.jpg Ice

Common Lightsabers

Red Lightsaber
fire.jpg Fire
Blue Lightsaber
magic.jpg Magic
Green Lightsaber
poison.jpg Poison
Purple Lightsaber
ice.jpg Ice

Unique Lightsabers (Community Patch Required)

Bringer of Light

May drop in all possible colors.

The Dark Side

Drops in red color only.

Disturbance in the Force

May drop in blue or green color.

Windu's Mace

Drops in purple color only.

Legendary Lightsabers (Community Patch Required)

Power of NIF

May drop in all possible colours.

Swordstaff Lightsabers

Since Community Patch v.1.50, Dual-bladed lightsabers now appear as a new weapon type available as rare (yellow) items. These two-handed items can be found from all the same monsters that can drop two-handed swords and with enough Bargaining can be bought at vendors. For the characters who keep Bargaining at level, they are common enough merchandise to make it possible to use them as main weapons for a character build. Like 1h lightsabers, they can appear in all 4 color varieties.

-. -.

All rare swordstaves share some common features - they sport the "chance to disregard armor" modifier that is a feature of the weapon class (similar to the original one-handed lightsabers) and starting from the Silver difficulty they have at least one high quality socket. In 90% cases it is a gold one, but sometimes it is replaced with silver. Other than that they have two more modifiers - an offensive and a defensive ones, that also have a chance to turn into sockets.

They also have custom names, so that you could tell them apart from other things when they drop. If you want to find them, look for dropping items called "Saberstaff", "Lightstaff" or "Doublesaber". Here are some examples of what you can get:

-. -.

Unique Swordstaffs

There are also three unique swordstaff lightsabers:

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