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Lizardmen of the Swamp

The marshland is the home of the Lizardmen, who are mutations of humans that became isolated from the rest of the world long ago. They are a very primitive people, living communally in the few structures that can be built on the soft marshy ground.

The Lizardmen are a philosophical people. They have built their culture on ancestor worship and the primacy of family and community. They have an unusual relationship with the undead – they believe these creatures roam the land because they have never been properly memorialized. One of the ways they set the souls of the undead to rest is by finding out their names and building shrines to them, which reintegrates them into society.

A player following the Path of Light will work alongside these communities of Lizardmen.

Cult of the Unnamed

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Lizard deathcultseal.png There is also a cult called The Unnamed in the Swamp, who use the undead to obtain a sort of immortality for themselves. The undead spawn in areas where there are T-Energy leaks, and the undead carry a small amount of that magical energy inside of them. The leaders of the Unnamed have devised a ritual that allows them to feed off that magic to stay immortal themselves. As long as the undead keep spawning, the Unnamed will have enough “food” to keep them alive. This puts them in natural opposition to the regular Lizardmen, who are memorializing the undead and therefore removing them from the “food chain.”

The Unnamed follow a bizarre philosophy. They don't use names, because names establish relationships, which then form communities. They think communities stifle the individuality that is essential for a fulfilled life.

A player following the Path of Shadow will have many interactions with the Cult of the Unnamed.

Jungle Lizards

The Jungle Region is home to another tribe of Lizardmen known as the Jungle Lizards. Unlike their cousins in the Swamp, these brightly-colored Lizards are completely hostile. There is no reasoning with them. They totally dominate North Jungle Island and South Jungle Island. Swarms of Jungle Lizards can be found within ancient temples there, though it is unknown whether they built them or simply took over old Elven ruins.

Lizardmen Flags

Flag of the Lizardmen

Flag lizardmen.png

Flag of Hissil'Ta

Flag lizardmen 2.png

Flag of the Nameless

Flag lizardmen 3.png

Armor of the Jungle Lizards


Seal of the Jungle Lizards

Junglelizard-officer seal.png

Lizardmen Animations

Lizardmen Hunter
Lizardmen Officer
Lizardmen Priest
Lizardmen Warrior