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Light.png The Path of Light is defined by the virtues of justice, truth, and honor. This is the life of those strong of heart and lawful of mind. A life of fighting for all that is good during even the darkest of times.

Of the seven available characters, only six can walk the lighter path. Light provides different shading to the path each character walks than does Shadow. Light does not always mean good.

Dryad - Pastures New - She enters this world on Gold Island

We are under attack! The shaman is heavily injured. I must defeat the attackers!

The shaman is dead. With his last breath he implored me to finish his task. I should go to the capital, Thylysium.

I have reached a village,Happy Cow Farm. Maybe they need my help here.

Seraphim - End of a Journey - A New Journey Begins - She enters the world in the Monastery of Light

A sister! She will not be with us much longer - I should listen to her words carefully... They will surely be important!

The dying Seraphim has exerted the last of her will to call me here. She asked me to continue her task and finish the battle against the Inquisitors. Then she died... before my eyes. Brave sister, rest in peace! I will do everything in my power to thwart the dark plans of the Inquisition.

My sister's murderers intended to kill me as well, but they failed. I should make my way to Thylysium now.

Apparently, this village, Brigand Camp, requires my assistance.

This camp is actually a logging camp but shows up as a brigand camp on the map.

High Elf - Duel!

I have been here a long time, but I think my staying here is not for much longer. I should listen to what the Arch Mage has to say to me.

This is my final test. I will take on my fellow student... and of course I will follow general rules.

I should talk to my instructor now.

Thus ends my apprenticeship. It has been a long time. Now I should make my way to the capital. Maybe I will find some opportunities to use my abilities during my journey.

An Elven settlement. Maybe they need my assistance here.

Dragon Mage - The Dragon Mage

Well, it looks like I've finally arrived. Strange region. Maybe there is a village around here where I can get some information.

My faithful friend Grembik has accompanied me this far, but now I will have to continue my journey alone. Strange, I've been waiting for this moment for years. And yet, now that it's here, it fills me with grief. But I have no time for such things. I must speak with the dragon and follow my destiny.

An Elven settlement. Maybe they can use some help here.

Temple Guardian - Reactivated!

All systems reactivated. Received instructions from Hologram.

My first destination is the Elven settlement.

I should talk to the village elder.

Shadow Warrior - Revisitation!

I...I am alive. How is this possible! I hope the magician will be able to shed some light...

I am back! I have returned to this world! Which power summoned me here! I will find out... but first I will have to defend myself!

So, the Grand Inquisitor brought me back. Back to life, into this world. For all I know, it is possible that this world actually needs me. Maybe I am not done here yet. I will start making my way to the capital.

I arrived in a small High Elven settlement. I wonder if they will have anything for me to do!

Chapter 1 - Tyr Lysia

Levied Tax

The village's tax levy has been stolen! The principal has implored me to find the thieves and return the tax money to Senator Gracchus, but the Guard wouldn't let me through. Now I'm supposed to go to the Drunken Elf tavern and wait there for Gracchus.

Inside the "Drunken Elf", a man named Liosilath told me the so-called taxes were really just a bribe and that the entire government is corrupt. He said if I wanted to do some good, I should give the jewels to some teachers on the northwestern edge of town. He also hinted at more adventure if I meet him at the Academy afterwards.

I gave the jewels to the teacher. Made me feel good, actually, I think I'll head back to the Academy and see what Liosilath has in mind.

Through the Wall

Liosilath said the war is bigger than just the clergy and nobility. He's sent me to track an expedition that got lost in the Orc regions. But first I've got to find the secret tunnel into the Human territories. What a strange man - very down to earth. He seems more likely to spend his time drinking beer in the local pub than leading a movement to fight evil.

I have arrived at the wall. One of Liosilath's contacts has given me access to the secret tunnel. This tunnel is below the wall that separates Elven And Human territories.

Long trip, but I found the tunnel. Who knows what's on the other side. Deep breath. I'm ready to go.

Chapter 2 - Artamark

Beyond the Wall

The innkeeper in the Human Village gave me some valuable information. According to him the Elven expedition started out from this village several months ago. They hired a man called Jaftar as a guide. He lives in a small village not far to the west. I should go there and see if I can find out something more.

I found the guide of the lost expedition. Apparently his transport service wasn't limited to expeditions - he was taking some girls to Thylysium as I approached, he attacked me and I had to kill him.

One of the captured girls told me that another man is behind the Human trafficking. Apparently her sister knows who it is, but she is severely ill and probably die soon. The girl I rescued begged me to find a Scroll of Release in order to save her sister's soul. I should be able to obtain such a scroll at the local healer's.

I received a Scroll of Release from the healer. Now I must take it to the dying girl.

To my surprise, the girl recovered. She thinks I cured her, but I didn't do anything! Apparently the man behind all this is named Enadris and he lives in Orcish Byway. If I want to help the girls, I have to go there and stop him. Also, if he traffics in Humans, he might know the fate of the Elven expedition.


I found the broker scared witless. A Golem was attacking the town, and he said if I killed it, he'd stop the slave trafficking.

The Gar'Colossus has been dealt with. Time to focus my attention on the broker again.

After I killed Gar'Colossus, the broker gave me his word that the women in his region would be safe from now on. He said he'd seen a Golem like this before, in a place where the Orcs say "The magic flows from the earth." That's where the Elven expedition was heading. He also said a strange man was waiting for me at the academy. Sounds like Liosilanth is in town.

The Golem I killed seems to be a giant version of earth elementals that constantly spawn from a magic pool. The Orcs use the area as a ritual fighting ground for their young warriors.

Liosilath claims that there are more of these sites and he would like to learn more about them. At the same time I have to find the lost expedition and attempt to help the Grurag-Clan. Not much on my plate then! I hope I will be able to handle it all.

Chapter 3 - Nor Plat

Among Orcs

I arrived at the place where "the magic flows from the earth". An Orc told me to enter the fighting area and prove my skills by killing the earth elementals. Maybe they will accept me when I am successful.

I have killed enough Earth Elementals. Let's hope that the Orc is satisfied now.

I am supposed to speak to a wise female. Hopefully, she will be as wise as they claim her to be.

The Orc Elder was a strange old lady. She acknowledged I was a good fighter and claimed that she could somehow look inside my head. Anyway, the she made me an honorary member of the Grurag Clan, and now I can travel through the Orc territory without being attacked by Orcs from my own clan.

If I want to achieve anything I will have to talk to the Clan chiefs. My new brother-in-arms tells me that I will be allowed to speak to the leader of the Clan if I can prove my worth in battle. Trolls are attacking a village of the Clan in the west. Killing several of them will be sufficient proof of my abilities and reliability.

"I found the place where the Trolls are attacking the Orcs. The local clan chief told me to kill ten of them and bring back their teeth as proof.

The Trolls are dead and I removed their teeth. Now I have to bring them back to the Orc chief in the village.

The necklace is being made, I must be patient.

The Orc chief made a necklace from the teeth and now I must take it to his superior in a village north of here. It is supposed to be proof that I am great fighter and that he is doing well against the Trolls.

(drawing) Troll Tooth Necklace

When I got to the village, the local Orc chief told me that they are being attacked by Ore-Thag Clan. Let's see what the chief has to say now.

The Orc chief seemed very happy with my success. Apparently I have earned the right to meet the great leader of our clan himself."

Wet Danger

I finally met the clanleader of the Grurag Clan. He says the clans have called a temporary truce to try and solve a problem. Something has blocked the river that flows through the region, backing it up into a lake. A water monster called Octagolamus has risen up out of this lake and it is attacking the members of all the clans. It has become a point of honor to see who can kill the monster, and whichever clan succeeds will become extremely influential in the Orcs' society. The clanleader confided in me that he believes the monster is strong only in the water and on swampy ground. Where the ground is dry, it's weaker and slower. I must escort a shaman to the river. He will perform a magic ritual to run dry the well.

We have arrived at the spring. The shaman will now attempt to dry out the spring with his magic ritual. I better stand aside and let him get on with it.

The shaman dried out the spring. Now let's see how strong the Octagolamus is with dry feet.

I did it! The Octagolamus is dead! This should make me popular with the clanleader!

The clanleader was ecstatic that I killed the monster, because it has earned the Grurag Clan a lot of respect. This might even bring and end to the war between the Orcs.

As a reward, he told me where the Elves of the lost expedition are being held and he said I could set them free. So I have finally found them! Now I need to know what they have learned!

Unfortunately, the Elves didn't learn very much about the magic leaks before they were captured. All they could tell me is that the leaks are coming from a network of ancient pipelines. The only ones who might know more about this are the Seraphim. I suppose I will be on my way to the angels then.

Chapter 4 - Seraphim Island

Realm of the Seraphim

A servant outside the palace said there used to be a sculpture of something called The Great Machine on a pedestal in the village square, but that it was missing.

Fortunately,she knew where the pieces are and told me to bring them to Mr. Giles, the librarian for more information.

I've collected one piece of the sculpture, but there has to be another one.

I've found all pieces of the missing sculpture. Time to go see Mr. Giles, the librarian.

The librarian said The Great Machine is a huge network of pipes, constantly draining magic energy from the world. Unfortunately, the location of the hub is lost. Maybe Sophia, the leader of the Seraphim, can tell me where it is.

Sophie didn't tell me anything about the hub of The Great Machine, but she did say that, contrary to popular belief, the world was made by just one Creator. Apparently the Seraphim are awaiting his return. Maybe that will turn out to be important, but in the meantime, I need to talk with Liosilath.

Sophia says the Seraphim don't meddle in the affairs of the world any longer, so no information there. If I want to find the hub of The Great Machine Liosilath says I need to ask that other surviving creature from the period of the great war, the old Dragon Mer-Kil. Liosilath says I might even convince him to fight for our side. But I need to be prepared in case he attacks me instead. Maybe the librarian has an idea.

According to the librarian, an amulet made of dragon heartscales is the only protection against a dragon's fiery breath. Before I meet up with the old Dragon, I'd better have such an amulet.

Chapter 5 - Carnach Cave and Dragon Islands

Fire, Brimstone and Dragon Scales

I've met a Dragon hunter, who was just preparing a raid on a Dragon and asked me to join him. Apparently, there is a difference between settled and roaming Dragons. According to the Dragon hunter, the settled ones are much harder to kill, but their heartscales are worth more. And I need those heartscales for the amulet of protection. I should join the hunter and find out how tough the Dragons are.

We arrived at the Dragon's lair, but the Dragon was already dead. instead some Elves instantly attacked me, so I had to kill them. Now I should open the gate to the kennels and found out what they've been guarding.

The kennels are actually pantries, where the humans and lizardmen are penned up as living meat supply for the Dragon. I set them free and talked to one of the Humans. He said there's a group of rebels trying to save the people in the breeding pens, to keep them from becoming Dragon chow. Their leader is a man called "Blackhammer". I should go talk to him.

I found Blackhammer. He told that they know secret passage which they use to smuggle people out of the dragon territory. Unfortunately, the path to th next outpost is blocked by a Dragon. I've been asked to kill the Dragon to clear the way. Maybe I can get another scale.

The Dragon is dead! I got a few of his heartscales and released the Human slaves. They told me to use the underground railway to get to the next outpost. I should be able to get more information there about the location of the old Dragon Mer-Kil

I reached the outpost and spoke to the outpost commander. He made and amulet of protection from the heartscales I gave him, and then told me where I could find the Mer-Kil.

The Oldest of the Immortal

Of course, Mer-Kil declined my offer to fight for our side. Being the ancient creature he is, our mundane struggles are of no interest to him. He did promise to tell me more about the location of the hub and even agreed to release the slaves from his breeding kennels - but only if I can kill the Carnach, yet another creature from another dimension. According to the old Dragon, the Carnach has learned how to use the magic energy, which makes him a considerable thread to Mer-Kil.

I have defeated the Carnach. Now I must return to Mer-Kil.

Mer-Kil kept his word and told me that the answers to my questions can be found in the High Temple of the Lost City. Once the capital of the High Elf empire, it's now a deserted place in the jungle. The old Dragon opened a portal and told me to find the health of family Grackk once I'm through.

Chapter 6 - The Swamp

Family Ties

I went into the swamp and found the family Grackk just like Mer-Kil told me to. The Lizardmen seemed surprised that I wasn't a member of a family. Apparently families mean a lot to them. The leader of the family Grackk was so concerned that he offered to adopt me. I should go to the sacred place of naming and talk to the shaman to receive my name. I see no hamr in this, after all, a rose by any other name wouls still smell as fragrant.

The shaman performed the ritual of name giving. He wrote my name down on a scroll which was placed with the other family name scrolls. I am now officially a member of family Grackk.

My new family patriarch gave me an important mission. They recovered a list of names of the undead, who are wandering around the nearby ruins. With the scroll, they can build a memorial shrine, which should laty the undead to rest. I need to take the scroll to Thazzz, the family leader in the next settlement.

When I arrived at the settlement, my family members were fighting a strange fog-like monster. I assisted them in pushing back the creature. They told that marigold flowers can be used to create incense, which keeps the fog at bay. Furthermore, when crushed and ingested, marigold temporarily boosts one's powers against the fog. I delivered the list of names. Now we need to clear the building site for the shrine.

We managed to clear the site of undead, so now my family can build the memorial shrine. My local family patriarch told me to go and find another brother who is in the village west of here. He will know how to get out of the marshlands and into the desert, so I can continue on my journey to the jungle.

Defying the Fog

The village was completely enveloped by the fog. I fought my way through to the house of my family member, able to push the fog back just enough to free him. It seems that this fog has the ability to paralyze all creatures unlucky enough to be engulfed by it. The fog cannot be fought directly. To weaken it the summoned creatures must first be dispatched. My brothers said we must harvest lots of marigold to secure the village before he can assist me.

WE had to defend the marigold field against a strange bunch of lizardmen who, for some reason, wanted to stop us from harvesting the marigold. My family companion will now show me the way out of the marshland. I should follow him and be wary, as we will have to fight more of the fog.

We made our way towards the desert, systematically fighting back the fog monster. When we arrived at what seemed to be the center of the fog, my companion showed me some strange pieces of machinery. He said that he might be able to fix the leak in the local part of the Great Machine with them. Without the supply of the energy, the fog monster would probably vanish. That's definitely worth a try.

My companion fixed the leak and, as he predicted, the fog monster disappeared! We have done a great service this day; the region is now a lot safer. I should continue my path to the desert now.

Chapter 7 - Bengaresh

Throne of Conflict

As soon as we entered the desert, a group of locals approached us and said that this is the land or warriors. We were told we must fight to the death, and only the victor could travel this land. My companion declined and said that he'd rather die than attack me. What a brave and noble sould he is.

The warriors were impresswed by hime, and they asked him to join their tribe. An offere he gladly accepted. Before he said farewell, he told me to go to the oasis south of here.

When I arrived at the oasis, a man told me that the tribes in the desert are facing a difficult political situation. The King is dead and there are two people claiming the throne, one is the dead King's brother, the other one is the Prince. The brother is the current provisional leader, but elections will be held in the near future.

Apparently, the Prince isn't afriad of using violence to achieve his goals. He's trying to get the formula for the Devil's Fire. In his hands it would cause enough fear amongst the tribal leaders to make them vote against their true desire. The man asked me ot retrieve the Scroll of Devil's fire from a cave south of here, then deliver it to Al Sadim I also had to swear to touch nothing other than the scroll in this cave.

I retrieved the scroll from teh cave. Now I should deliver it to Al Sadim in the oasis west of here.

I gave the scroll of Devil's Fire to the provisional leader. He assured me that he doesn't want to use the power of the Devil's Fire. Instead, he aims to prevent the Prince from abusing it for his goals. In order to do that, he needs to fully understand the weapn. There is only one alchemist experienced enough to analyze the scroll. His name is Assim, and he's living northwest of here. Al Sadim has asked me to bring him here.

I found the alchemist and should now escort him back to Al sadim.

We were stopped by a group of people with a white flag. The leader introduced him self as an envoy of the Prince. He offered me money and free passage through the entire territory for handing over the Alchemist. When I declined their offer they attacked us, so I had to kill them. Now we should return to Al Sadim.

Demise of a Scorpion

The alchemist analyzed the Scroll of Devil's Fire and found out the blood from a Garganthropod is needed to evoke the Fire. Now I must kill this giant scorpion and burn its remains. That will prevent the Prince from acquiring the weapon. All this is easier said than done. The garganthropod can be found somewhere south of here but nobody could give me specific directions. The creature employs a blue reflective shield. Attacking while this is activated would be futile.

Al Sadim thanked me for my support and told me that because the Devil's Fire is no longer a threat, he will certainly be elected as the new King in the upcoming tribal metting. I should continue my journey by going to the jungle now.

Chapter 8 - The Jungle

The Forgotten City

I met an archaeologist in a campsite in the jungle. He told me that he has found the pyramid of the Lost City, but he hasn't been able to enter yet because it's been guarded by a flying monster. If I want to enter it, I need to kill this guardian first, if only the path to the pyramid wasn't so overgrown.

I've defeated the guardian, the entrance to the pyramid is now clear.

I made my way to the center of the pyramid and found out that the Great Machine isn't here anymore. The Temple Guardians decided to move the hub to a safe spot during the great war. In addition, they magically cloaked the hub and gave the key to the Dryads. Maybe I can contact Liosilath using this scrying device.

Liosilath agreed that the next step is to go ot the dryads and retrieve the key to unveil the cloacked hub.

Chapter 9 - Dyr Lain

Green Islands

I went to the Dryad island and found an Elven settlement. The priestess told me that the Elves are being tolerated on the island because they fight off repeated invasions from the Wastelands with their ships. She also said that the Queen's decision is not really popular among the Dryads. Many of them think that the Elves are destroying the island by farming, mining and cutting down the trees. In order to be allowed to go inland, I must first earn the Dryad's trust. There is a strip mine to the west. I must shut it down to stop the pollution of the air it causes by constantly belching clouds of smoke into the sky.

Upon my arrival at the mine the guards attacked me, so I had to kill them. The Orc slaves ran away, so I guess my job is done. I should go back to the priestess now.

The priestess gave me permission to enter the Dryad forest. She asked me to rescue a little girl, who has been kidnapped by some brigands. The Dryad scouts have found the tracks of the brigands north of here, so that's where I should start my mission.

On my way to the brigand camp, I met two of the grateful Orc slaves from the strip mine. They told me that they had no way off the island, but the Dryads won't allow them to live here and the Elves will enslave them again if they're caught. It seems that they would prefer dying in combat to living long in hiding, so they offered me their help. The more swords, the better.

We found the bandits and killed them. The little girl thanked me and told me to meet her in the main Dryad city. After that she just vanished! What a strange little girl, she looks so young, but sounds so old. I need to make my way ot the main city now.

Lethal Crystal

I arrived at the main city and discovered the reason for the unusual nature of the little girl I rescued - she is actually the Queen of the Dryads! So many lives in the hands of one so young. She said she was abducted by orders of the Grand Inquisitor, to force her to reveal the location of the key to him.

The Queen told me that the key is hidden in the Crystal Caves. It is safer there because the caves are being guarded by the Facetteleon - a monster so ferocious that no one has ever managed to get past it.

The Facetteleon is dead, the entrance to the Crystal Caves is clear.

Inside the caves, I found the key for the magic shield that cloaks the hub. Now I can can continue my way to the hub itself in the Wastelands.

Chapter 10 - Wastelands

The Wastelands

The key mechanism is located on top of a hill. The troops of the Grand Inquisitor have conquered this hill and they are now defending it against the troops of Liosilanth. An officer told me to meet Liosilanth on the side of the battle field.

On my way to the meeting point I witnessed a fight between a Seraphim and an Inquisitor. The proud Seraphim was overwhelmed and slain. Then the Inquisitor attacked me. I had no choice but to fell him. I should continue my journey now. Liosilanth awaits my arrival.

I found Liosilanth on the battle field. He said that we need to fight our way up through the battle and get to the top of the hill.

The Grand Inquisitor demanded the key, but I refused to give it. He then attacked me and as Liosilanth anticipated, he used all his magic tricks during the fight. He almost had me, but Liosilanth managed to distract him from casting for a brief moment, which gave me enough time to finish him off. Sadly, Liosilanth died during the diversion. It's more important than ever now that I accomplish his mission, his sacrifice shall not be made in vain!

The Great Machine

I must open the gates with the key!

The door is open. The way to the machine is clear now.

Once inside, I encountered four hideous creatures, evidently, the last guardians of the machine. They attacked me the instant they noticed me but I was able to kill them.

So this is the core of the Great Machine. My journey here was long and arduous. Still, it was successful. I will now switch off the machine for good.

Light Campaign End