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The infamous trader TyBosso DeElfici is not only an ignorant moneymaker but a slave-driver as well. And this elf is the one he hired to work as a Slave Overseer in his branch in Sloeford. Right now TyBosso ordered his slaves to lumber some wood to build new ships that would allow to send his good all over Ancaria. Since the Slave Overseer obeys all the TyBosso's orders and TyBosso would stop at nothing to make his sales more profitable, the woods around Sloeford are in serious danger. But the Dryad can't tolerate the harm they do to Nature. She would solve the problem, even if it would require coming to harm.



An Enemy

  • You'd have to fight the Slave Overseer in both Light and Shadow versions of In Accordance with Nature quest. That is an enemy he would become

Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Quest:In Accordance with Nature

Quest Location: Happy Cow Farm in Tyr Lysia

  • There are three more Slave Overseers working and fighting together with this one. Their characteristics are similar.


  • He won't appear unless you play as a Dryad in Single Player mode.