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In the Dryad's Life in the City Quest

You fist meet TyBosso after Foreman Damar sends you to him mistakenly thinking you here to help out. TyBosso soon learns that the 2 of you couldn't be more different. As much as you want to kill him right then you know it would cause more problems that it is worth. But the next time you two meet.....

In the Temple Guardian's Unpack Quest

TyBosso will ask you to escort him out of the city. You bring him to a small camp just south of Dragonmaw Pass when you encounter Mage Aegwyn. She has some interesting things to say about him.

In the High Elf's DeElfici I - The Promissory Note Quest

In the High Elf's DeElfici I - The Promissory Note - Shadow Quest

TyBosso will feature prominently in the Chain Quest. He will initially think you are an honest and courageous person, even welcoming you into his inner circle. Eventually he'll find out you are the one destroying his family



He is an NPC that involved in the High Elf's, Dryad's and Temple Guardian's Character Specific chain quests.