Sacred 2:The Last Drop

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Quick Walkthrough

Detailed Walkthrough

While walking down the main road of Tyr Lysia, you stumble across a man standing outside of his house with a look of panic on his face. You approach him and ask what's wrong. He tells you that he needs to fetch some wine out of his cellar, but the problem is that the place is infested with ghosts and he's too scared to go down there. With nothing else to do you head into the cellar to brave the ghosts and rodents.


Go into the wine cellar and find out what is going on down there!

My entire cellar is filled with barrels of wine, but I dare not go down there since I heard those strange sounds. It's haunted! I'm telling you, it's really haunted! Please help me! My customers are starting to lose their patience!


Once inside the cellar multiple enemies, Rats and Skeletons, will approach and attack you. Dispatch these and anyother enemies that may be lurking in the damp cellar.

One of the undead you kill in the cellar drops a Book of the Glorious Legion. Make sure to pick this up.

With the Book of the Glorious Legion in your possession, you are free to head back to the surface to tell the merchant that his cellar is once again safe from hostile forces. He'll graciously reward you for your kindness.


Thank you for your help. Take this gold, and this bottle of red here is quite nice too.


Logbook Entry


  • Tip: You don't have to kill everything in the cellar, only the skeleton that drops the book, as picking the book up triggers the quest to move to the next stage. The skeleton that drops the book is usually in this corner:

  • Note: the Book of the Glorious Legion is probably a cross-reference to the chain quest The Undead Legion, which itself explains the large numbers of undead roaming around. Although the logbook seems to indicate that the book is readable, this quest is all the mention it gets.