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  • Quest Objective: Pass your final exam, then travel to the nearest settlement
  • Quest Difficulty: None
  • Quest Giver: This quest starts automatically together with the new game
  • Location(s): Celioth's Tower
  • Prerequisite Quest: None
  • Next Quest: Levied Tax
  • Reward: None
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Quick Walkthrough

Detailed Walkthrough

As soon as the intro cut-scene ends you will be attacked by the Student. Fortunately he doesn’t do much damage, and doesn’t attack quickly or move. He attacs you with the fireballs, and you have an opportunity to do the same to him - the Ancestral Fireball is the first Combat Art in your High Elf's arsenal. The Student isn't a tough opponent. However, if you just stand here doing nothing, he would kill you.

So you do what you were meant to - use your magic to defeat your opponent. Now the duel is won and the Student is kneeling before you.

After you defeated your fellow Student, the Arch Mage, who was your teacher, wants to talk to you. He must be willing to tell that you've successfully passed your exam, so you come and talk to him.



There is nothing I can teach you anymore. You have learned all that can be taught. It is up to you to uncover the remaining secrets of magic.

You may leave this academy, I am discharging you. Go, magician, and bear this title with pride! The next settlement is not far from here. Perhaps you will find an opportunity to use your abilities to benefit the Elves in that village.


Exactly as you expected, he congratulates you and tells you to find some good opportunity to use your abilities. Now your path lies towards the nearest settlement - which is the village of Sloeford. But before you leave the Mage Tower, you'd better stop near the gates – your initial chest is here, and you can find some armour and maybe runes inside it. Though the runes can be found here only on the low difficulties (Bronze and Silver).

You open the gates and head out to the big world. Few bandits who get in your way as you walk down the hill can't stop you.

When you're near the bottom, the quest will update - your next target awaits you in the centre of Sloeford.

Walking further down the road, you come to the first Resurrection Monolith on your way (don't forget to save near it) and to the small Brigand Camp.

It's a good idea to stop here for a while and to do some side quests that can be found here. It would give you a valuable experience. Once you're ready to move, follow the road that heads north and then east to Sloeford.

When you reach the village, go to the central square.

Once there, your character immediately understands what to do next. Of course, she will tell you about it.


Obviously, the village elder has a problem on his hands. I should go and talk with him.


Now you, the same as the other light characters, need to find the Village Elder. He can be found in a big ship-shaped mansion. The entrance to this building is right next to the central square of Sloeford.

So you walk through the garden and reach the front door of the mansion.

When you enter the mansion and go upstairs, you find the Village Elder, Principal Throdeth. He will give you the next quest of your campaign, the Levied Tax.

Quest Enemies


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Quest:Duel! - Shadow Campaign

Quest Location: Celioth's Tower in Tyr Lysia

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