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Shadow Warrior Guide: Astral Malevolent Champion

By Stéphane

Hi guys,

Gogo ask me to translate one of my shadow warrior build, since there is no Astral build yet, here I am.


Everything in strength


Set :

Full Infernal Torment + armentin elbow/gauntlet/Belt/Boots + Legs of Justice.

Combat arts :

  • Shadow Veil : Creep (1a), Fade (2b) and Sinister Pact => Increase furtivity + Reduces detection with spells + Permanent effect (buff)
  • Nether Allegiance : Sharp Blades (1b), Tower Shield (2b) and Elite Equipment (3b) => Damage + Armor x2
  • Skeletal Fortification : Rapid Fire (1a), Ice Shards (2b) and Scatter Shot (3a) => Firing rate + Ice Damage + another projectile
  • Rallied Souls : Armament (1a), Vivification (2a) and Contagion (3a) => Armor + Soul duration + Infection
  • Rousing Command : Persistence (1b), Impulse (2b) and Leader (3b) => Duration + Attack Speed + Area effect
  • Frenzied Rampage : Double Attack (1a), Double Attack (2a) and Envenom (3a) => Double hit x2 + Poison Damage
  • Augmenting Guidon : Ensign (1b), Healing (2a) and Fear (3a) => Expend Area of effect + Healing in the area of effect + Reduces attack of the opponents
  • Killing Spree : Control (1a), Perseverance (2b) and Sear (3b) => Increases attack and stored damage per hit + Duration + Fire Damage
  • Reflective Emanation : Backslash (1b), Antimagic (2b) and Idol (3b) => Reflect ranged + Reflect spells/AdC + Area effect
  • Belligerent Vault : Routine (1b), Shock (2b) and Commotion (3a) => Regeneration + Confused/slow down + Stun in the area

This shadow warrior is invisible. You have to use CAs if you want to stay invisible, frenzied rampage with low regen is very effective, you have 46% chance to double hit with dual wield at mastery (with softpoint bonus) at high level and since we have taken "Double hit" twice in frenzied rampage we have another 40% chance to double hit. Frenzied rampage = 80% chance to double hit. 2biggrin.gif

The spectral soldier offers a nice support, at high level they will be level 320-330 with 149K HP and 20k in life regeneration. Almost invincible. [[Sacred 2:|Skeletal Fortication|Skeletal fortication]] is very powerful too, I like to launch it before the battle in a big mob or on bosses, it's a killing machine! I prefer the rapid fire mod on the regeneration mod because it's a melee build with astral as a great support/cover, I don't want to relaunch the tower every 5sec icon4.gif But with the rapid fire mod you can have 1.6shots per sec, and with the mod Scatter, you can have 4 shots per second approximatly. 27k+ per hit in the tooltips Rallied souls is sweet too, I don't like the mod that add a third corpses on cast, because 2 or 3 corpses isn't very different. The duration mod make your minions live for more than 65sec at high level. But the contagion mod is marvellous, soon you will have an army with you. Command and Conquer!

All the others CA's are modded with area effect to help your minions. Rousing command for more attack, augmenting guidon for attack/defense and healing and reflective emanation for an huge reflect damage area.

Note of caution : Be careful in the desert with sandmen or in the great machine with temple guardians, their traps can be deadly with minions around you. If you don't move you will not recieve the damage of the traps, but if one of your minions take a step in the traps, you will recieve damage for every step and minions moving in. Eek.

I will add screenshot later. Enjoy!

Skeletal fortification :


Rallied souls :


Nether Allegiance :


Reflective Emanation :


Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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