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Ship Captains are NPC's who appear in ports all over Ancaria's coasts and islands. Clicking on a ship captain will bring up the game map with all active ports showing. Some ports can be made active by entering a specific locale or city and talking to its ship captain. Other ports, like the Island of Mounts, can only be made active by completing a specific quest. The Ship Captain can be found in-game by looking for an NPC near a port with a ship's steering wheel icon floating above his head:

This icon also appears on the map: captain.png

Once the player talks to the captain, it will save that port as being an active port and the ship captain can teleport the player to any other active port showing on the map. Active ports also have an icon on the map: ship.png

List of Ancarian Ports - Locate them all on the Sacred 2 Map of Ancaria

  • Aerendyr - A small seaport in Dyr-Lain. Ships can achor safely here, protected by an offshore island.
  • Bulutuz (The Old Port) - Probably the only direct connection between the continent and Seraphim Island.
  • Crystal Cavern (Dryad Region) - The only connection between Dryad Island and the Wastelands.
  • Karagh - An orc settlement in the north of the realm.
  • Na'Fian - A small port amidst the jungle.
  • Nanthar - Starting point of the High Elves' expedition in the Bloodwood.
  • Seraphim Island - An island amidst the Dragonsea formed from solidified lava.
  • Thylysium - The capital of the High Elven realm.
  • Turbak (West Coast of Bengaresh) - A picturesque place in this barren desert.
  • Wastelands - Jagged mountains and weathered rocks are neither very inviting nor hospitable.

Hot Air Balloon Captains (Ice and Blood only)

Travelers in the expansion areas (the Crystal Plane and Cursed Forest) will periodically find Airship Captains with large Hot Air Balloons. These captains have the same Wheel and Ship Icons as the Sea Captains, and function in the same manner. They can be considered a good alternative to portals, as these regions have none.

Crystal Plane

  • Winged Harbor - Seraphim Hunting Ground. The captain here doubles as both a ship captain and hot air balloon captain.

Cursed Forest

  • Nanthar - Starting point of the High Elves' expedition in the Bloodwood. The captain here doubles both as a ship captain and hot air balloon captain.