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In Villa Boerdijk you can find the below services. See Map Icons:



Villa Boerdijk is a small island where Roger Boerdijk lives apart from the civilized world. He has his mobile home where he lives, and he had enough space on the island to build a training mini camp and a small play garden. He might feel a bit lonely here... but he has magnificent landscape views here!!

Locate Villa Boerdijk on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

Epic Office Quest


You can only reach the small island by using the small boat just south of Sonnenwind and northeast of Teardrop Hamlet. Exit Sonnenwind on the south side of town, follow the path until a signpost is reached and bear left. Follow the path until the boat/portal is reached.

From Teardrop Hamlet, follow the main road north until the main portal is reached and bear right on the path leading toward Sonnenwind until the signpost is reached. Turn right and follow the path to the boat dock.


The only enemies you may find here are some snappers looking for something to eat.

Interesting Photos

Main view of Roger's home

(Yes, that's a caravan camper...)

A nice view walking up the island
What you see when you arrive
Dock where you can moor the boat
Nice landscape from the top
Boerdijk's playground
Boerdijk's training camp


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