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In Whisperwood you can find the below services. See Map Icons:




Whisperwood is located in east central Artamark. A once peaceful and serene countryside is now a place of ruins and perpetual haze. The only inhabitants now are human and animal ghosts. The ghosts of human soldiers in the Whisperwood wear an enigmatic emblem from a cursed, long forgotten city in the mountains.

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Quests & NPC's

Epic Office Quest

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Whisperwood is a fairly large area. Monoliths at Artamark's Gate, Royal Honky-Tonk Tavern and Skook's Corner are nearby. Closest portal is at Griffinborough. Head north from the portal.


Whisperwood is full of Ghosts, both human and wild animal.

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More Ruins
Even More Ruins
Herb Woman's House


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