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The Christmas Valley Island appeared in Ancaria after patch 2.34.0 on December 16th and is the location of a new, Christmas-themed quest chain - Can Christmas Still be Saved
It is found on the North-East corner of the map. A player may use any Ship Captain to sail him to the island from any of his active ports after speaking to the Christmas Island Kobold in the Elven capitol of Thylysium. It is a land covered in snow and ice. Jazzy, Christmas-themed music plays while the player meets the inhabitants of Christmas Valley in his hurried attempt to save Christmas. It is the only snow-covered region in Ancaria and comes with many new enemies such as snowcats, polar bears, yetis, Christmas ghosts, Dark Fairies, and even a dragon called Grinch.

The new and lengthy quest-chain, Can Christmas Still be Saved offers unique, new, Christmas-themed Christmas Presents as a reward for completing the quest from the Christmas Ogre.

As well, Ascaron has created a new Christmas Sets for each character class all with unique bonuses. The sets will only appear after you have completed the quest-chain, and will spawn the set for the specific class that completes the quest.

Many of the enemies in Christmas Valley have a weakness towards fire damage, however a few, such as Yeti's, have substantial resistances towards fire. If a player is looking to bring in only one elemental damage with the greatest range towards all enemies, they should bring in magical damage.

The island, with its contents, may be considered a giant easter egg.

NOTE: This Region is only accessible in patch version 2.34 or in version 2.65 after installing the Community Patch. Any versions of Sacred 2 before the 2.34 patch will not have this island at all. Any official version after patch 2.40 will have the Northland Region and Northland Expedition quest instead. The Community Patch allows both Northland and Christmas Island content to exist simultaneously.

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