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Failitia, also known as Dreamweaver of the Gods, is one of the oldest and wisest beings in the world of Ancaria. She is closest friend to Sophia, the Seraphims' leader. You would be honoured with a possibility to encounter her if you decide to investigate a mysterious case about dissapearances, abductions and murders that happen in the Jungle. Of course, you may not consider such an encounter a honour... But you would meet her during your investigation, and depending on how you decide to solve this case, she would become a generous friend, or a powerful enemy.



  • Failitia, Dreamweaver of the Gods is involved in The Impostor chain quest. This quest is available with CM patch only.

A Boss Enemy

  • In the end of the Turning the table part of The Impostor chain quest, you'd have to fight Failitia, Dreamweaver of the Gods. She would become a powerful Boss Enemy. You can read about her abilities below.

Damage Types:

Weakest Against:
Equally resistant to all Damage Types

Quest:Turning the table

Quest Location: Archaeologist Camp in The Jungle

Failitia healthbar.png Her healthbar shows more Magical damage than her stats. Probably some of her Combat Arts do Magical damage.

The Hitpoints, Chance to hit, Damage and Armor noted above of the Failitia, Dreamweaver of the Gods are dependent on the level of the Failitia, Dreamweaver of the Gods. Stats will scale based on the Failitia, Dreamweaver of the Gods's level. Use the above stats as a guideline.

Failitia, Dreamweaver of the Gods' Combat Arts

Being a Seraphim, Failitia can use some of the Combat Arts the playable Seraphim uses. In version v140hf she can use all 5 Combat Arts of the Exalted Warrior aspect:

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_04.gif This is a series of hits directed against one or more enemies. This powerful attack might weaken or

even disarm the opponent. It is the Combat Art most frequently executed by Failitia, especially while battling melee characters.

Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_11.gif Temporarily increases run and attack speed. The art also grants immunity against root-based spells. Failitia uses it in every battle. In her case the temporary buff has big enough duration. She also tends to re-cast Dashing Alacrity when it runs out, so she is buffed up more often then not.
Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_14.gif Increases attack and defense values as well as weapon damage. This is the first Combat Art that Failitia uses in the very beginning of each fight.
Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_02.gif A focused, forceful weapon attack against a single target.
Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_06.gif The Seraphim leaps into battle, inflicting damage when she lands in her target area. In critical situations, this jump may also be used in order to escape.
Gods_Char_Diff_CAs_42.gif An energy field which absorbs incoming damage for as long as energy is available to maintain the field.

In Failitias case it is a little bit different from the usual Seraphim's energy shield. The exact descrition of her shield is below.

 Values copied from source; Ice & Blood, CM patch v100 - Spells.txt 
        tokens = {
		entry0 = {"et_shieldstrength", 1200, 300, 0, 5 },
		entry1 = {"et_shieldblock", 200, 50, 0, 5 },
		entry2 = {"et_shieldfactor", 800, 10, 0, 37 },
		entry3 = {"et_chance_reflect_missile", 300, 8, 0, 41 },
		entry4 = {"et_chance_reflect_spell", 300, 8, 0, 41 },
		entry5 = {"et_regThisBuff", 500, 5, 0, 8 },
	fightDistance = 0.000000,
	aspect = "EA_SE_TECHNICS",
	cooldown = 25.000000,

This is the second Combat Art that Failitia executes in the beginning of the fight.

Failitia's Energy Shield is very easy to remove by using High Elf's Expulse Magic. This spell succeeds in debuffing the Seraphim almost every time it is cast. Once debuffed, Failitia forgets about the fight and starts to re-cast her energy shield. The character can use this time to land several successful hits on the Seraphim.


  • She appears only if you have Community patch installed.
  • In the Community Patch v100 where she first appeared, Failitia was weaker and used smaller variety of Combat Arts. She was buffed up in the subsequent versions of the patch.