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The world soccer championships in summer of 2006. Whole towns, streets and cars with waving flags. There was nearly no car which hadn't a flag attached. Be it Turks, Spanish, Italians living in Germany, Germans, everyone was proudly showing their nationality, and for Germans probably the first time after world war 2. . Even local Germans who lived in country side and small towns has waving flags, which was nothing against a 600,000 people city flagged. People who decided spontanously to watch a game on a public viewing area together with thousands of people from all over the world. It as possible to watch the game at the river banks of the main river. The game was projected on silver screens mounted in the river....(around 1 minute, 5 seconds)

In evening there were Autokorso's. An Autokorso is when people catch flags, jump in their cars without planning it, and wave them while driving slowly on the main streets of towns. On countryside all the people from nearby villages meet in a central place, district town. Don't find an english word for it, so here a video from 2010 after the match versus england:

Somewhere in all this are a few cars trying to fight to drive the opposite direction, one of them is this author's (Chattius's). Upon attempting to return from a birthday at parents home in Wetzlar (normally a 50000 people town with the villages belonging to it.) and had to cross the bridge across the Lahn river. No chance, took 2 hours for a normally 2 minute trip and family doing first aid for around 90 minutes, rear door of vehicle transporter opened and the kids standing on top of our ancient van waving flags.

Somehow this 2006 summer feeling made its way into Sacred 2 too. At least 7 places have been found in Ancaria that have soccer balls laying around, some statues with German players:


In the german version there is a statue in the cave in Karagh which holds a statue reading:

Prinz Poldi der Bankdrücker - Bei den großen Schlachten durfte er nur auf der Bank sitzen

Translation: Prince Poldi the benchwarmer - At big battles he was only allowed to sit on the bench

Prinz Poldi is the nickname of Lukas Podolski. He is a soccer player in the german national team. While he did some scoring records in the national team, when changing his club and playing for Bayern München, he wasn't fitting into their tactical concept and most often sitting on the bench for the substitute players.

In the english version of the game the very same statue is in honour of Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne. A former player of the english national soccer team and the statue reads one of his quotes:



Thylysium Sewers of Griffenburough Clearview
"In the grassy area directly south of the Thylysium Portal/Monolith you will see a stone bench, the soccer ball is directly behind the bench." "By entering the sewers by way of the "Glasses" quest, you will see the soccer ball floating in the underground river." "In the town of Clearview, look on the Merchants table."

Villa Boerdijk Khorum Artamark's Gate
"Go straight east of Sacred 2:Teardrop Hamlet. Take the boat to the small island of Villa Boerdjik just off of the coast. In the shed next to the trailer." "Under a shed, on the north side of the Merchant's office in the Market area of Khorum." "In Artamark's Gate, Straight towards the middle of town near the little boy who lost his kite in the T-Energy field."

Thylysium Christmas Island Christmas Island 2
"In the planter on the south side of the Northeast entrance to the Thylysium Senate building." "In the middle of Xmas Isle, in the main house by the monolith." "On the road from the harbor to the village on Christmas Island/Northland Island"

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