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Multi hit refers to combat arts that are capable of hitting one or more targets multiple times. They are often also capable of switching targets once the first dies.


Mini Sera Asp 01.png Exalted Warrior SEps.gif Pelting Strikes

Mini Sera Asp 02.png Celestial Magic SEbs-1.gif Baneful Smite

(mod 3b - Chain)

SErp.gif Radiant Pillar

Mini Sera Asp 03.png Revered Technology SEaw.gif Archangel's Wrath

(mod 1b - Salvo)

SEfn.gif Flaring Nova

(mod 1b - Impulse)

SWmini.pngShadow Warrior

Mini SW Asp 01.png Death Warrior SWss.gif Scything Sweep

Mini SW Asp 02.png Malevolent Champion SWfr.gif Frenzied Rampage

Mini SW Asp 03.png Astral Lord SWsf.gif Skeletal Fortification

Drymini.png Dryad

Mini DRY Asp 01.png Capricious Hunter DRda.gif Darting Assault

DRdd.gif Dust Devil

(mod 3a - Sanding)

DRri.gif Ravaged Impact

(mod 3b - Double Shot)

Mini DRY Asp 02.png Cabalistic Voodoo DRmt.gif Malicious Totem

DRtt.gif Twisted Torment

DRel.gif Edaphic Lances

DRtv.gif Tangled Vine

HEmini.png High Elf

Mini HE Asp 01.png Arrant Pyromancer HEis-2.gif Incendiary Shower

HEaf.gif Ancestral Fireball

(mods 2b, 3b - Fusillade)

Mini HE Asp 03.pngMystic Stormite HEgt.gif Glacial Thorns

HErn.gif Raging Nimbus

Mini HE Asp 02.png Delphic Arcania HEcs-1.gif Cobalt Strike

(mods 1b, 2b - Chain Reaction)

HEem.gif Expulse Magic

(mods 2b, 3b - Banish)

Inqmini.png Inquisitor

Mini INQ Asp 01.png Gruesome Inquisition INrm.gif Ruthless Mutilation

INQ Asp 03 small.png Nefarious Netherworld INis.gif Inexorable Subjugation

DMmini.png Dragon Mage

DM Asp 02 small.png Elemental Magic DMgw.gif Gust of Wind

DMt.gif Tornado

DMd.gif Destroyer

DM Asp 01 small.png Dragon Magic DMds.gif Dragon Strike

TGmini.pngTemple Guardian

Mini TG Asp 01.png Devout Guardian TGbe.gif Battle Extension

TGds.gif Deathly Spears

(mod 3a - Jab)

Mini TG Asp 02.png Lost Fusion TGad.gif Amplifying Discharge

(mod 1b - Ricochet)

TGfem.gif Furious Emblazer

TGjt.gif Jolting Touch

TGab.gif Archimedes Beam

TGpl.gif Propelled Levitation

TG Asp 03 small.png Source Warden TGfe.gif Fiery Ember

TGie.gif Icy Evanescence

TGcg.gif Charged Grid

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