Sacred 2:Source Warden & E-Shield - level 200 Utility build, Designed for Ice & Blood

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Source Warden & E-Shield - level 200 Utility build, Designed for Ice & Blood

By Woody

This build is first of all not meant for bosskilling, designed for Ice&Blood version, it can be also used in Fallen Angel. You'll be able to reach 200 easily, with the good energy-shield and Area of Effect power. I've got it myself at level 200 in closed-net HC, PC version 2.65.

At start, it's a bit weak, but after level 75 and first masteries, it'll be really better. Some traders can help you to start with better damage and defense.

1. Skills

2. Combat Arts

3. Attributes/Expert Touch

4. Equipement

5. Bonus

6. Final Notes

1- Skills

Level 02 - Devout Guardian Focus - 75 75 points for 9 mods, and lower level penality

Level 03 - Source Warden Lore - 100 150 points, because we'll need a good damage boost for all source warden CAs

Level 05 - Source Warden Focus - 75 As usual, 75 points for lower regen time and level penality on CAs

Level 08 - Combat Discipline - 75 Regeneration bonus and more damage for all CAs

Level 12 - Armor Lore - 75 Armor bonus and reducing penality

Level 18 Warding Energy Lore - 75 Very important, improve shield power, increase damage absorbtion and unlock +xx% Max energy shield bonus on amulets

Level 25 - Toughness - 75 Reduce incoming damage, directly increase armor

Level 35 - Combat Reflexes (75) / Concentration (75) Two possible choices here. You can choose CR to reduce ennemie's melee chances to hit, or concentration to get 3 buffs after level 75. I've choosed Concentration here, to get 3 buffs for good energy shield (T-energy shroud), melee reflect and defense bonus (combat alert), stunning melee ennemies and block projectiles (untouchable force)

Level 50 - Blacksmith - 75 To unlock possibility to smith items. You'll get the best smith arts in niob with more than 150 soft points in this skill.

Level 65 - Bargaining - 200, try to get it at charlvl after level 100 Unlock the possibility to shop good items, and get better quest rewards with the mastery

2- Combat Arts

Fiery Ember / Icy Evanescence (same mods) : 1a Incinerate/Ice Needles - Increases fire/ice damage. (50% increase) 2b Churn/Deep frost - Further reduces target's fire/ice resist. (20% + 0.1% per CA level decrease) 3b Sustain - Increases duration. (50% increase)

Fiery Ember, is our main CA. We'll use it for all fight on the maps, except for bosses. It's better to mod first and use Fiery Ember, as it also do a bonus fire damage on time to ennemies.

Primal Mutation 1a Combust - Converts physical damage into fire damage. (50% + 2% per CA level converted) 2b Helpless - Briefly reduces target's attributes. (10% + 0.2% per CA level decrease) 3a Demolition - Increases Primal Mutation base damage. (50% increased physical damage / 33.3% increased overall damage)

Good CA for bosses and champions. We can use it in a combo with Jolting Touch and Deathly Spears. Also a good synergy with fiery ember which reduces opponent's resistances to fire.

Charged Grid 1b Havoc - Increases damage dealt. (50% increase) 2b Unnatural selection - Inflicts higher damage to severely wounded opponents. (double damage at 50% + 1% per CA level health of enemies) 3a Longevity - Increases duration. (40% increase)

To use after Fiery Ember, the "Deathblow" mod is very usefull against wounded ennemies.

Untouchable Force 1b Mind control - Increases chance to stun. (5% + 0.1% per CA level / 50% increase from base value) 2b Calm - Reduces opponents' attack speed. (30% + 0.5% per CA level decrease) 3b Crumble - Chance to destroy incoming projectiles. (30% + 1% per CA level chance)

Only if we choose to put 75 points in concentration. Ennemies around the TG are stunned and damaged. Don't use runes in it, bonus from gear is enough.

Combat Alert 1b Barricade - Adds a defensive bonus equal to the current attack bonus. (20% + 5% per CA level increased defense value) 2a Riposte -Melee damage reflection. (35.1% + ~1.1% per CA level with diminishing rates of return) 3rd mod - Party Protection - Extends the benefit to party members. (40% + 0.2% per CA level effectiveness to party members) If you don't take concentration - Permanent - Converts Combat Alert into a buff called Battle Aura, reduces the bonuses to ~1/2 of their CA levels. (All values halfed except for Repair modification, which goes to 2.5hp/s + 2.5hp/s per CA level) If you take concentration

Good bonus to defense and melee damage reflection, we can't ask better. At level 200 with 200 runes in it, the buff is level 132 and give around 60% chances to reflect melee damage You can boost it with runes when you want, just be careful of Fiery Ember regeneration time. Try to have 200 runes in it at level 120

T-Energy Shroud 1a Power - Increases shield power. (40% increase from base value) 2b Reduction - Further reduction to incoming damage. (5% + 0.1% per CA level damping) 3b Reflection - Chance to reflect spells. (15% + 1% per CA level chance)

Powerful shield, which reduce damage and reflect nasty spells. You can also choose Power as 3rd mod, it'll increase again shield's power. You can also boost it with runes when you want, just be careful of Fiery Ember regeneration time. Try to have 200 runes in it at level 100

Deathly Spears 1a Batter - Chance for knockback. (50% + 1% per CA level chance) 2a Singe - Adds fire damage. (34.7% from base damage, damage type fire) 3a Jab - Adds an additional attacks(Jab will add 1 extra attack at CA level 1-15 you will get 2 waves, at CA level 16 Deadly Spears will have 3 waves, at CA level 42 with Jab you will have 4 waves of spikes and continues to add extra attacks every 20 CA levels after level 42.)

We'll use it in combo with Primal mutation and Jolting touch for bosses and champions. Once again, good synergy with Singe mod and Fiery ember which reduces opponent's resistances to fire.

If you plan to use a Kal'dur's Legacy or any weapon with %Life Leech against bosses, you can mod battle extension instead of deathly spears. • Battle Extension 1a Double Attack - Chance for two hits on each strike. (15% chance) 2b Impairment - Reduces target's evade chance. (30% + 0.3% per CA level chance) 3a Double Attack - Chance for two hits on each strike. (15% chance)

Just use it as a passive CA : activate the slot of this CA only against a boss with a LL% weapon.

3- Attributes/Expert Touch

We'll be interested by only 3 of them for this build :

Willpower Increase the power of your shield and improve your spell resistance (will be useless once we'll get 100% CA reflects with T-energy shroud).

Intelligence Increase a bit spells damage and intensity. The bonus of damage is not really great on TG's spells, but it can be usefull.

Stamina Reduce regeneration time. As it doesn't affect cooldown, I prefer to use some -xx% regeneration time on rings or BS-arts. You can take it if you want to be sure to get the lowest regen time possible. It can also allow you to "eat" more runes.

I've choosed to put the 401 aviable points in intelligence, any boost of damage, even very low, is welcome. 1smile.gif

• Expert Touch : Yes or No ? As we'll use only one offensive aspect (S. Warden) and the other aspect only for Buffs and passive CAs/combos (Devout G.), I'll say Yes, we can use it. It will also reduce the regeneration time of all Combat Arts, and especially Fiery Ember, which help a lot.

4- Equipement

(Helm) • XTM-2174 : Prototype AP 513 Bonus to visibility range and good base defense bonus, 3 slots

(Armor) • XTM-2174 : Prototype LI 189 Chances to find valuables bonus, Good armor bonus, 3 slots

(Legs) • XTM-2174 : Prototype CA 333 Chances to evade, Run speed, 3 slots

Full set bonus : +xx% Visibility Range.

(Shoulders) • Guardians of light : Shoulders of Truth All combat arts bonus, Attack value, 3 slots

• T-energy : Shoulders of T-energy Damage, untouchable force, vitality, 2 golds slots

(Arms) • T-Energy Modules : Arm Guards of T-energy Damage, Primal mutation, Source warden focus

(Battery) • T-Energy Modules : Battery of T-energy Direct Damage, Aspect : Source warden, 2 slots

(Belt) • T-Energy Modules : Girth of T-energy Untouchable force, lost fusion lore, 2 slots

• Lumen's Servants : Lumen's Sash -xx% regeneration time, offensive skills, 2 slots

• Combat modules CC10 : Belt module 114-1 T-energy shroud, Life regeneration, 2 slots

• Unique : Opus Keri Reduce penality from buffs, experience. per kills, Max HP, 2 slots

As these items are not very very good, you can also use a good rare belt.

(Boots) • T-Energy Modules : Boots of T-energy -xx% DoT, Charged Grid, Block chances : root, 2 slots

(Relics) Uniques relics are the best in terms of armor bonus. The second mod is not very important. But if we can get a good relic with Armor Lore, Toughness, Willpower or Defense Value +xx/+xx%, it's always good. thumbs1.gif

(Weapon) • Nlovae's Mystery Combat art range, Regen time, 2 gold slots

Tinwora's Curse All combat arts, Regen time, 2 gold slots

Raging Ire Strenght, Combat Art Skills, experience. per kills, 2 gold slots

Excalibran Penality from buffs -xx%, Combat art skills, Regen time, 1 gold slot

Arnum's Prevalence All combat arts, regen time, chances to find valuables, % strenght, 2 gold slots

Kal'dur's Legacy (boss only) %Life leech, attack speed, 2 gold slots

Or a good rare star with %Life leech.

5- Bonus

Bonus to have absolutly :

• Energy absorbtion : 40% Our shield absorb only 60% of incoming damage. If we want a shield that absorbs all damage, we'll need to have 40% of this bonus. Only on amulets or Testa's Band.

• +xx% Max energy shield (Warding energy modifier) This bonus directly increase our shield power. 130-200% must be enough. Only on amulets.

Others usefull bonuses :

• -xx% damage on time : all channels Can reduce all the incoming DoTs. Try to have at least 80% in niob. Only on amulets.

• +xx Experience per kills We always want to get more experience ! 2biggrin.gif

• +xx All skills / +xx All combat arts Boosting all skills and combat arts increase overall power.

• +xx Defense Value Increase base defense value.

• +xx Aspect : T-Mutant Boosting our main combat arts

• -xx% Regeneration time / +xx% damage / +xx% armor / +xx% defense value All these bonus are coming from blacksmith arts. All of them are usefull.

6- Final Notes

As usual, sorry for my "limited" english. This is my first guide here, hope you have enjoyed the read !

Final Words : Have fun

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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